the events of Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 January 2023

A new weekend is coming. Cold temperatures but good weather, the ideal climate to organize a perfect winter day in or around the city. Rome is full of exhibitions to visit. The first Carnival events also begin (even if officially the Carnival will start on February 5th). Then there is a lot of theater with […]

Melanie Hasler and Michael Vogt – the fastest couple in Switzerland

home advantage? The Swiss bobsledders always shake their heads when asked. Because in the Bob that’s a thing. St. Moritz is a natural ice rink, so use is limited to the really cold months. In contrast, for example, to the ice canals in Germany, where the locals, even from junior days, have hundreds more rides […]

The documentary film talk special – KINOPOLIS Freiberg

At irregular intervals we present our new film series – in cooperation with the network FREIBERG FOR ALL – in the KINOPOLIS Freiberg. A local “celebrity” (e.g. “decision-maker”, “doer”, or “association”) will present a film of their choice to the Freiberg KINOPOLIS audience on this evening. After the film there is a question and answer […]

US apparently wants to deliver Abrams tanks to Ukraine

The United States had previously emphasized that it did not consider it sensible to deliver Abrams tanks to Ukraine for practical reasons. According to US media, 30 to 50 tanks could now be promised. – According to reports from several US media, the USA now wants to deliver Abrams main battle tanks to Ukraine. This […]

“Badr bin Saud” comments on attacking a Kuwaiti after praising the activities of Riyadh … and reveals a surprise about the truth about accounts bearing Saudi names

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The writer, Dr. Badr bin Saud, commented on the circulating clip of a Kuwaiti citizen confirming that he had not seen the offensive behavior that was filmed and transmitted in the Kingdom on social media. liars Badr bin Saud said, in his article entitled “Liars”, published in the newspaper “Okaz”: “A few days […]

Weekend in Genoa and surroundings, what to do

Cold temperatures this weekend in January, but there are plenty of opportunities to get distracted with the many events scheduled in Genoa and its province, or warm up in the theater or museum. As always, there are many events on the agenda, with fairs, concerts, theatre, festivals, cultural reviews and much more. To help you […]

The Louis Vuitton store in Lille robbed with a ram car

The individuals allegedly stole “almost all the objects” according to the Lille prosecutor’s office. No arrests have yet taken place. The Louis Vuitton store in Lille, located in the historic center, was burglarized with a ram car on Friday at dawn for damage “considerable», the individuals who stole “almost all objects”we learned from the prosecution […]

Robbers tried for kidnapping and burglary of a numismatist

Par Le Figaro Posted 7 hours ago, Update 7 hours ago The investigative work then made it possible to identify four suspects, from Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis). Adobe Stock – Illustration In their defence, the defendants explained to the Saint-Brieuc court that they were transporting cannabis, which had to be paid for in … old currency. Yesterday […]