BLOOD DONATION Tuesday January 19, 2021 St Denis de Pile

EFS wishes you a Happy New Year 2021 and invites you to make a precious and useful gesture to start the year well by going donate blood on the Saint Denis Sur Pile fundraiser which will take place on January 19 by appointment by going to register sure or by clicking on the link […]

Oskar Patzelt is celebrating his 102nd birthday

The namesake of the Oskar Patzelt Foundation, Dr. med. Oskar Patzelt, was 102 years old today on January 2nd, 2021. The board of directors of the Oskar Patzelt Foundation congratulated them that morning. Oskar PatzeltOskar Patzelt in 2005 when the Oskar Patzelt Foundation was awarded the Golden Badge of Honor Oskar Patzelt sets the annual […]

Organization of access routes to the civil service

Decree n ° 2020-1695 of December 24, 2020 taken for the application of articles 7 and 8 of ordinance n ° 2020-1694 of December 24, 2020 relating to the organization of examinations and competitions during the health crisis arising from the covid-19 epidemic >> This decree sets the technical and procedural guarantees to ensure equal […]

Louise, aged 11, fights against the consequences of the virus, Eden, also 5 years old

She suffers from MIS-C, the disease that also affected little Kaïs last October Hospitalized at Jolimont hospital in La Louvière for a few days, Louise, a young 11-year-old resident of Quévy, is fighting the consequences of the virus contracted a few weeks ago without directly developing the symptoms. Proof, for his mother, that the virus […]

New York inmates bury dead in mass grave on island

A New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a new record for the number of deaths in his state, 799 in 24 hours, almost as many as entire countries like Italy or Spain at the height of their epidemics. But never so few new patients had been hospitalized and admitted to intensive care since the start […]

CHALLENGE: Building a Bird Feeder – Science Festival 2020

Contrary to what one might think, birds play an essential role in biodiversity. They are part of the auxiliaries which participate in the good balance of nature: consumption of insects harmful to agriculture, dissemination of seeds for reforestation, pollination of plants, These are facts which testify to the usefulness of birds. their installation near your […]

▷ 3satKulturDoku “New York – The City of Tomorrow”

31.01.2020 – 11:09 3sat MainzMainz (ots) Samstag, 8. Februar 2020, 19.20 Uhr Erstausstrahlung The 3sat documentary “Manhattan’s Plan for the Future” by Michael Trabitzsch on Saturday, February 8, 2020, 7:20 pm shows how a metropolis like New York is preparing for the upcoming challenges. In the documentary, people have their say who are working to […]

“Claims from the business closure insurance are not a sticky stick”

The business closure insurance replaces the lost operating profit and the expense of ongoing costs – at least in theory. Because especially in the wake of the corona pandemic, many insurance companies are trying to deny protection. In such cases, there is only a legal solution, says lawyer Tim Banerjee. Empty tableEmpty table., CC0 […]

Emergency for towns and working-class neighborhoods

Tribune. I am one of the 101 mayors of France who signed an open letter to the President of the Republic on November 16. We have taken this initiative to alert the highest figure in the state to the seriousness of the situation in towns and working-class neighborhoods. We are mobilizing so that our territories […]