Central Meteorological Observatory: There will be heavy rainfall and strong cold air in Huanghuai, North China and other places in the Sichuan Basin, which will affect my country

1. The past10High temperatures in much of the country Significantly more rainfall in the eastern south-west and north-east Over the past 10 days (September 17-26), the average temperature in Xinjiang, Gansu, eastern northern China, western Huanghuai, Jianghan, Jiangnan, southern China, Yunnan-Guizhou plateau and Qinghai-Tibet plateau was 1-3 ° C higher than the same period of […]

MotoGP, the starting grid for the 2022 Japanese GP in Motegi

From Motegi to Motegi: three years after his last pole in 2019, Marquez returns to the first place on the grid in the Japanese GP. For Marc this is the first pole after the fourth operation on the humerus of the arm four months ago. Focus on the fight for the World Cup: Aleix Espargaró […]

A silent revolution is set – 24chasa.bg

More and more people are turning to noise-canceling gadgets If there is any benefit to the pandemic, it is that it has shown us how bad things we are used to living with, such as overcrowding, a polluted environment and excessive noise. Not surprisingly, many people have learned a lesson while spending time in forced […]

In French prisons: how many extra prisoners?

The prison overcrowding is again high in France. According to the latest statistics from the Department of Justice, as of 1is January 2022, 69,448 people were detained. That is an increase of nearly 11% compared to January 2021, with more than 6,700 additional detainees in one year. At this rate, the bar of 70,000 detainees […]

Plovdiv journalist Anelia Gogeva has died

– – Anelia Gogeva Photo: Facebook – Plovdiv journalist Anelia Gogeva has died. She left with a covid, it is clear from a post of her husband Simo Rusev on social networks. “The dirty lower animal COVID killed Anelia. My fight with him is already too personal. Why, dirty bastard, did you leave my daughter […]

RIGHT WRONG. Does France really attract too many immigrants?

Immigration goes hand in hand in the plural: economic, family, humanitarian … “The public debate on immigration is dominated by questions of identity and security, and when the economic angle is addressed, only the short-term aspects in terms of employment and public finances are mentioned”, explain the authors of the note, economists Emmanuelle Auriol and […]

Common agricultural policy: France too timid on the environment?

This is the novelty of the next Common agricultural policy (CAP) which will apply from 2023: subject to respecting certain rules, each Member State must establish a national version of European policy through a National Strategic Plan (PSN). But the French copy, in the opinion of several official bodies, would be insufficient from an environmental […]