10 patients with coronavirus died in Moscow in a day :: Society :: RBC

In total, 4741 people died in the capital after being infected with the virus. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 257.1 thousand cases have been registered in the city, of which 47.6 thousand are now being treated. Photo: Denis Abramov / RIA Novosti Over the past day, 10 people have died in Moscow, who have […]

In Ingushetia, two commandos were wounded in a shootout with militants :: Society :: RBK

Video In the course of the counter-terrorist operation in Ingushetia on Sunday, two commandos were wounded. This was reported to RBC in the information center of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NAC). The injured special forces soldiers received the necessary medical assistance. The NAC clarified that there were no civilian casualties. Improvised explosive devices, ready for […]

90 people with coronavirus died in Russia in a day :: Society :: RBC

In total, 16.1 thousand deaths after infection were registered in Russia. It is also known about 946.9 thousand cases of infection, during the day this number increased by 4870 Photo: Evgeny Biyatov / RIA Novosti Over the past day, 90 deaths were recorded in Russia after being infected with coronavirus, according to the operational headquarters […]

United States: They Discover With Horror A Salami Swastika On Their Pizza

The couple decided to share their discovery on social networks. After visiting his mother-in-law, an American living in Ohio decides to bring back a pizza for supper. To do this, he stops at Little Caesars, a pizzeria chain in Brook Park, reports Le Matin. He then takes a pizza already prepared and packed in a […]

Crysis Remastered: Crytek Rendezvous To See The First Gameplay Trailer

Against all expectations, the studio Crytek will return to the sources of its success this year with Crysis Remastered, a modernized version of his FPS released on PC in 2007, and which put machines of the time to the test. This time, the consoles will be entitled to it directly (a port had taken place […]

Interview with Carlos Arturo Yepes on his resignation from Bancolombia – Vida

Time took on a new meaning for Carlos Raúl Yepes in 2016. After resigning his position as president of Bancolombia, which he held for five years, he turned his gaze to himself. About your family. She left behind the work meetings, the new financial projects and the long working hours, which were already taking their […]

Solar system discovered with two super-lands near the Sun

A new scientific study reveals the discovery of a new “compact” planetary system that revolves around the star Gliese 887, one of the closest to our planet. It is about two confirmed “super-lands” and a possible third planet than would be in the habitable zone of his star, so that could have liquid water on […]