Hyères-OM: We know where the 32nd French Cup final will be played! – Season

We now know where OM will travel over the weekend of January 8 for the 32nd Coupe de France final against Hyères, the N2 club chaired by Mourad Boudjellal. Precisely, it is the legendary finest hour stadium of the historic leader of the RCT that has been chosen. Hyères-OM will be held in Mayol stadium […]

OM-Hyères: do we insert the big team or do we rotate a bit? – Season

Yes, you have to put the biggest entrance team It has now been 34 years since OM last won the Coupe de France. The Phocaeans, as much for their prestige as for their fans, must bring something back to Marseille as soon as possible! The last major title was the League Cup in 2012. Yes, […]

Women’s French Cup. The complete round of 16 schedule. Sport

Following the draw held this Tuesday 13 December at the Federation headquarters, the 32 women’s teams still involved in the Coupe de France now know their next opponent for the round of 32. The draw, which saw the arrival of the 12 P1 teams, was rather lenient for Le Mans, Guingamp, Nantes and Saint-Malo. Le […]

United States: the electricity grid, a new target for eco-terrorist groups

What Moore County, NC, and its 45,000 inhabitants, plunged, on December 3, into darkness and cold, and deprived of electricity, was by no means exceptional or dramatic. But that this power outage caused a local state of emergency to be declared and a curfew. The authorities initially minimized the case: the breakdown was in fact […]

Books. Our selection of picture books to offer that will amaze children

One has to go back to 1957 to find the reference album Father Castor’s picture book. Each image is accompanied by a caption and gradually leads the child to recognize and name representations of everyday life. Since then, many artists have appropriated the genre – a French specialty whose term has no equivalent in other […]

COVID-19. The threshold of 160,000 dead has been crossed in France

According to the latest data from Public Health France, the threshold of 160,000 deaths linked to COVID-19 was crossed into the country. A total of 160,008 people died, including 130,617 in hospital. The threshold of 150,000 dead had been exceeded on 8 July. “The epidemic has not disappeared, the virus still kills and strikes again”, […]

Pension reform: is it really necessary to work longer?

The government should finally submit its reform retirements January 10th. He justifies it on the basis of the latest report from Guidance Board of the retreats. We have read it. Here’s what she says. What is the government plan? A gradual shift in the statutory retirement age, from the summer of 2023. Today, the age […]

I swim. The complete program of the Melbourne Short Course World Championships. Sport

The French national swimming team returns to international competitions this week, with the short course World Championships in Melbourne (Australia) from Tuesday 13 to Sunday 18 December. They will be 20 swimmers to represent the tricolor colours au Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre. We have blocked the display of this content to respect your cookie […]

‘The Banshees of Inisherin’ tops the Golden Globe nominations

Nominated in eight categories, the film The Banshees of Inisherin dominated on Monday 12 December 2022 Golden Globe nominationswho are trying to get out of the scandals of racism, sexism and corruption that have destroyed their prestige. The lead actor in this shrill Irish comedy, Colin Farrell, and its director, Martin McDonagh, are on the […]

Health. Should You Worry About High Triglycerides?

The holidays are coming… and so are triglycerides. We can have too many of these lipids from the liver’s processing of sugars and alcohol for genetic reasons. Because we are deprived of the enzyme that degrades them. But it remains outstanding. “This deficiency is often more measured or the enzyme simply less efficient,” describes Professor […]