The “best young winegrower” in the world works in Côte-d’Or

“At first, I thought it was a joke” : this is how Charles Lachaux reacted when he learned that he had been voted “best young winegrower on the planet”. His astonishment did not last long since the 32-year-old winemaker, settled in Côte-d’Or, received his trophy on October 7 at the Golden Vines Awards in London, […]

Flu. The vaccination campaign is launched

France launched its annual vaccination campaign against the seasonal flu, in a particularly uncertain context because always marked by the Covid-19 epidemic. Since early 2020, “The flu virus has circulated very little, (but) has not disappeared”, summarized Jérôme Salomon, Director General of Health, Thursday at a press conference. From this Friday, the French can therefore […]

In Sudan, the revolution on the brink

The worst has been avoided in Sudan, but until when ? Tens of thousands of supporters of the restoration of real civil power, embodied by Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok, marched this Thursday, October 21 in the capital Khartoum. They avoided crossing the procession, less supplied, of pro-army demonstrators, whose hero is General Abdel Fattah al-Burhane. […]

POINT OF VIEW. “Presidential 2022: make no mistake about the diagnosis”

“At the time of the political re-entry in this presidential election year, we can see the old moons of “on shave free” blooming again: a 4-day week, retirement at 60, minimum wage of € 1,500, sometimes even Frexit or leaving the euro. Not only do these measures come from a magical thought by virtue of […]

MAINTENANCE. Prohibited area waste recycling investigation

Restricted zone broadcasts, Sunday, October 17, a survey on the real share of recycling. Most of the waste is recyclable, but still is not. Much of it even ends up in nature. Interview with Paul Labrosse, director of Waste, the big lies of recycling (Forbidden Zone). After a year of investigation, what is your vision […]

Guide. Should you buy the Nintendo Switch OLED?

With its pretty colors displayed, its larger screen, its more accomplished crutch… It is sure, it makes envy the Nintendo Switch OLED! We were also able to try it for a long time and we are rather convinced. Despite all of its good qualities, that doesn’t automatically mean you should buy it. At 350 euros […]

POINT OF VIEW. “Vaccines: rather than moralizing, trying to understand”

“For many months, the community of medical and scientific expertise agrees that vaccination is the most effective control instrument for stemming the successive waves of contamination. However, there is great resistance in one part of society. Everyone has to listen and try to understand the skeptics. The challenge is to stop the conflict spiral which […]

Is the health pass compulsory on all Intercités trains?

“Hello, I have to take an Intercités from Nantes to La Rochelle this week. Currently without a health pass, do I have to take a test? SNCF websites say that the pass is necessary in all Intercités and TGVs. The government decree speaks of trains requiring reservation. However, Intercités lines departing from Nantes are not […]

Octopus farms. An association announces “a disaster”

Almost 130,000 tonnes of wild octopuses are eaten each year in Europe. Numerous breeding projects are therefore under development around the world. Corn a report of the CIWF association, which is dedicated to animal welfare land and sea breeding, denounces the living conditions in these structures, reports France Inter. It is entitled: “Raising octopuses, the […]