Other Names of Red Blood Cells and Their Functions in the Human Body

Illustration of red blood cells. Photo: freepik.com/macrovector Do you know other name cell Red blood on our bodies? Inside the body man consists of various organs that work and depend on each other. Not much different from blood, which flows throughout the human body. Even the blood in humans can reach 7% of the human […]

The green stops flashing in Sofia, accidents are expected

The green light on the traffic lights will no longer flash until it turns yellow. PHOTO: “24 HOURS” For 5 years the green light has been flashing and thwarting accidents, but it is an experiment that has ended The function of flashing the green light at the traffic lights before switching to yellow and then […]

Le Matin – Public health service bill: The nurses’ unions are pissed off

Speaking, during the discussion in the PLF Committee, of a new system of remuneration for doctors, Fouzi Lekjaa opposed the nurses’ unions. The Minister Delegate in charge of the Budget provoked the ire of this medical profession which considers to have been excluded during the preparation of the bill of the public health service which […]

Sony has a lot of ideas to improve the PS5

System PlayStation 5 was recently improved by firmware, which allows connect an internal SSD and increase storage capacity. The original was no longer enough for many players. In addition, it occurred on customizing the user interface. As you can see, Sony will continue to improve the console. The Japanese company has a number of ideas […]

Advantages and risks of the new mixed debit-credit cards | My money

Wallets – or now mobile phones – store two types of cards: debit cards, used on a daily basis for regular purchases, and credit cards, saved for emergencies or for expenses that you do not want to pay immediately. However, this trend is going to disappear, despite the fact that consumers do not agree with […]

Facebook introduced Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses, what can it do? – oTechnice.cz

Facebook and Ray-Ban have introduced the first generation of smart glasses Ray-Ban Stories. What makes these glasses smart and what can they offer the user? It should be said at the outset that although both companies call the novelty smart, the new glasses will offer far more than smart features. a number of technical tweaks. […]

WhatsApp experiments with reactions to messages, how do they work? | Lifestyle

Reacting to messages is something we usually do when we take a walk on Facebook. It is a very simple method that prevents us from thinking about writing something on someone else’s wall and that, many times, is often misinterpreted, with the consequent mess that it entails at the level of social reputation. So choose […]