Maximizing Educational Opportunities with Artificial Intelligence: Insights from Didacta 2022

Maximizing Educational Opportunities with Artificial Intelligence: Insights from Didacta 2022

How this can be overcome is one of the important questions at the international education trade fair Didacta, which started yesterday in Deutz. The central theme of the trade fair is still digitalization, which drives the entire education industry. Now that fast internet is available in many places and teachers and students are better equipped … Read more

“Volunteer Services in Sports Promoting Sustainability and SDGs in Lower Saxony”

What better way to bring the SDGs to schools and clubs than with young, motivated volunteers? The ASC Göttingen, the provider of voluntary services in sports in Lower Saxony, thought so too. The topic of sustainability and the learning units on the topic of SDGs have long been established as part of the training. At … Read more

“Don’t Tear Down Seidenweberhaus: BUND Revives Grey Energy Debate in Krefeld”

Krefeld · The BUND revives an old debate about “grey” energy in the Seidenweberhaus and demands: Don’t tear it down! The argument was discussed in Krefeld in 2017 and dropped. Today the climate debate is sharper, Krefeld has a climate protection concept. Is there a turning point? Bozfj Sspcuzfs zwt Lskjnsu gsz Wzpeagrjimkn Dqjef rdxywkcur … Read more

Public Transport Industry Association VöV Criticizes Federal Government’s Cost-Cutting Measures for Regional Transport

The public transport industry association VöV criticizes the federal government’s cost-cutting measures for regional transport. According to a letter, these cannot be implemented. Public transport drivers / commuters (symbolic image). – / Werner Rolli Ad the essentials in brief The federal government’s savings targets cannot be implemented by the public transport industry association. Credit … Read more

Ria Hackmann of Fischelner Sportverein in the national team

With the transition to the federal team of the German Gymnastics Federation (DTB), numerous courses and competitions await Ria Hackmann and her parents. Travel and accommodation expenses will probably have to be financed privately, as many things in gymnastics are not covered by the clubs or associations. But Ria Hackmann is of course also in … Read more

Switzerland: Confederation reduces compulsory stocks for petroleum products | 07/22/22

BERN (dpa-AFX) – The low level of the Rhine and logistical problems with foreign railways are affecting the replenishment of mineral oil products in Switzerland. The Federal Office for National Economic Supply (BWL) therefore allows the compulsory stocks to fall below the target stock by 6.5 percent. The measure applies from next Monday to the … Read more

Government: the yield on BTPs rises very close to the bonds of Greece – Economy

The Italian government crisis flattens the yield differential between Italian and Greek government bonds, with Athens two-year bonds now deemed less risky, and 10-year bonds separated by only 7 basis points, the minimum since the beginning of 2022. The ten-year BTP yields 3.374%, compared to 3.442% in Greece. The spread drops to just under 2 … Read more

The BTP-Bund spread closes at 212 basis points in the wake of political tensions – Economy

Closure in sharp decline per Business Squarewhich discounts i fears about Mario Draghi’s stay at Palazzo Chigi and investor concerns about an early termination of the legislature. L’indice Ftse Mib ended the trading down of the1,6% a 21,348 pointsmaking Milan the worst among the stock exchanges of the Old Continent. Lo spread Btp-Bund closes in … Read more

Tim Stappmann and Jannik Kirchenkamp work at 1. FC Magdeburg

July 12, 2022 at 4:55 p.m Soccer : Two from Krefeld in the 2nd Bundesliga – Tim Stappmann plays in central defense at second division club 1. FC Magdeburg. Photo: FC Magdeburg – – Krefeld Born in Krefeld, Tim Stappmann and Jannik Kirchenkamp are under contract with the second division soccer club 1. FC Magdeburg. … Read more