Warkopi Announces Official Disbandment as of Today

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Alvin, Asep and Dimas or known as Trio Warcopy decided to disband as of Wednesday (13/10). The decision was taken to follow up on suggestions submitted by the DKI Warkop agency represented by Hanna, Satrio and Indro Warkop DKI some time ago. “On this occasion Patria TV representing Alfin, Dimas and […]

Felix Slováček is leaving the hospital. He told Dade not to visit

Saxophonist Felix Slováček is heading home from the hospital on Monday. He told the editors of TN.cz that he felt much better. This was also confirmed by his wife Dáda Patrasová, who revealed that Felix had given her and her daughter Anička a weekend visit. He said he needed peace and was soon expecting discharge […]

Warkop DKI Asks Warkop to Change Name in the Next 7 Days

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Institution Warkop DKI and Indro asked the Warkopi trio to change their names in the next week, and stop all activities that imitate the legendary comedian group. The statement was made by Satrio Sarwo Trengginas as the son of the late Dono who was part of the DKI Warkop Institute, in […]

5 Faces of Indonesian Celebrities Who Have Appeared in Times Square

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — In the past year, more and more Indonesian celebrity faces have been plastered on billboards in Times Square, New York City, United States. The reasons also vary, ranging from the campaign section, to the promotion of songs and films. Here are 5 Indonesian artists whose faces were plastered in Times Square, […]

Nina Gunke has Alzheimer’s

Swedish TV, theater and film actress Nina Gunke has contracted Alzheimer’s. The 66-year-old himself told that TV4’s Nyhetsmorgon Sunday. Gunke first began to notice that she forgot things about a year ago – Everyone does, we say, but it happened more and more often. The actress tells how she eventually could not remember lines anymore, […]

Paris Hilton charmed the photo with her fiancé

Photo: instagram.com/parishilton Paris Hilton The celebrity is preparing for the upcoming wedding, but in the meantime attends social events as a bride. Hollywood star Paris Hilton, together with her beloved Carter Ruem, attended another social event. On Instagram, the singer published a series of romantic photos with her chosen one. Paris appeared in a discreet […]