23-year-old girl and her fiancé among the dead in the burnt …

Among the victims of the terrible accident on the Struma Motorway are the 4-year-old twins Alban and Luan. They are also the youngest passengers on the Macedonian bus, Macedonian media reported. The oldest passenger is 63 years old. The severe accident that night on the Struma Motorway killed 45 people and injured 7 others. According […]

Nine people died in a nursing home in Bulgaria

Фото: Shutterstock Nine people killed in fire in a nursing home in Bulgaria The causes and circumstances of the fire have not yet been reported, they have yet to be clarified by the rescue services. Nine people became victims of a fire in a nursing home located in the city of Varna in Bulgaria. This […]

Terrorist attack in Jerusalem: details appeared

Hamas militant staged a terrorist attack at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem The shooting at the people was opened by a Hamas militant, a 26-year-old immigrant from South Africa, who worked as a guide at the Western Wall. Shooting at entrance to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem arranged by a Hamas militant. About it informs […]

Cancel predatory loan contracts at the hands of Credit Victims

Worldwide, the economic crisis affected a large number of people, who, with the need to make ends meet and seek other methods of capital inflow, found no other way out than to acquire loans and financial credits. Among the great offer that is currently in the financial market, you can find dishonest contracts with abusive […]

Bodies of flood victims found in Canada

Фото: Canadian Press/Rex/Shutterstock Emergency mode declared in western Canada due to powerful floods Canadian rescuers continue to search for another person who is missing. In the Canadian province of British Columbia, an emergency regime has been introduced due to powerful floods caused by downpours. As a result of the disaster, three people were killed, one […]

In Egypt, the resort town is filled with scorpions: there are victims

Photo: pixabay.com Scorpion invasion in the south of Egypt The authorities of the country urge residents and vacationers to stay at home, avoid places with a large number of plantings and be careful. Due to bad weather, an invasion of scorpions is observed in the southern Egyptian city of Aswan. Three people died from their […]

In Germany, a car drove into a crowd of schoolchildren: a child died

Фото: Getty Images In Germany, a man drove a car into a group of schoolchildren The driver deliberately ran over the children, the media write and add that the man is now placed in a psychiatric hospital. In the federal state of Hesse, Germany, a 30-year-old driver deliberately drove into a group of younger students. […]

In Yemen, an explosion thundered at the airport, there are dead

Photo: Twitter Explosion at Aden airport in Yemen According to various estimates, at least 6-10 people became victims of the terrorist attack, another 12 were injured. At the airport in the Yemen city of Aden on Saturday, October 30, a car bomb exploded. At least ten people were killed in the attack. About it informed […]