Training outdoors even in winter

In the era of Covid and the closure of sports centers and swimming pools, there are two alternatives: home fitness and outdoor fitness. We have often talked about the first solution, but this does not exclude the other. It would be interesting to be able to combine them and take advantage of the outdoors as […]

Coronavirus, lockdown and red zone: what can be done and what not in the open air, for running, jogging, walking, gyms and skiing

Anti Covid-19 restrictions and bans: indoor activities prohibited, outdoor activities allowed individually and respecting distances in case you meet other people. Here are which ones From tomorrow, Friday 6 November, Italy will be divided into three macro Regions: yellow, orange and red, areas where the new lockdown it is modulated with different intensities. The new […]

How important is blood oxygen saturation for a runner?

Pulse oximetry has become a particularly hot topic with COVID-19. Sales of finger pulse oximeters in the United States rose 527 percent the week the first COVID-19 case was confirmed, and have since continued to grow according to data released by Quartz. “COVID-19 is a virus that attacks the lungs, and obviously it can potentially […]

Restless legs syndrome: what it is and how to relieve symptoms

While restless legs syndrome can be hereditary, according to Stahl, a number of medical conditions, such as iron deficiency, kidney failure, pregnancy, and multiple sclerosis, can contribute to symptoms. Sometimes RLS can exist on its own with no link to genetics or underlying health problems. Staying active is extremely important when trying to combat restless […]