According to Studies Lack of Sleep Triggers Excessive Snacking

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Sleep is very important for overall health, and it can affect our daily functioning. And according to a new study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, there’s one more good reason to prioritize sleep: your diet. Researchers from Ohio State University wanted to study how sleep duration […]

12 Physical Movements That Burn the Most Calories

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — It’s no longer a secret, physical activity known to help the body burn calories for lose weight. The movement that burns the most calories can start from simple activities such as walking to high-intensity exercise (HIIT). The amount of calories you want to burn will vary according to each goal. The […]

Nutrition of Young Coconut Water and What are the Benefits for the Body

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – During the Covid-19 pandemic, there are many myths and facts surrounding coconut water young. Some say drinking coconut water after vaccination will eliminate the efficacy of the vaccine, there is also information that Covid-19 will be knocked out if infected people drink young coconut water. It’s all a hoax. Coconut water the […]

5 Effective Types of Running to Burn Calories and Lose Weight

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Run is one of the most effective exercise routines for getting in shape. If done correctly and consistently, this exercise can help burn a lot of calories and strengthen the heart muscle. In Swedish, “fartlek” means “fast play”. This is long-distance running alternating between a sprint and a slower run. Some people […]

how many hamburgers should you eat to win the Tour de France?

The riders spend phenomenal energy during the 21 stages of the Tour de France. They will thus lose around 40 kilos of fat over the duration of the race! A loss of energy that must be compensated for with food. You will also be interested [EN VID√ČO] Naturally yours: calories, an obsolete puzzle according to […]

Four food rules to extend life

3:00 AM Sunday 24 January 2021 British Dietitian Dr. Mark Gilbert revealed, in an interview with Express, the rules of nutrition that help improve health and extend life. The specialist points out, that it is necessary first and foremost to reduce the amount of calories a person eats. Because low-calorie foodstuffs are able to slow […]

5 tips that you will eat in the winter with your comfort and weight

Many gain more weight with the onset of winter, there is a relationship between cold weather and an increased desire to eat fatty foods that give you a feeling of warmth, especially with the tendency of some to stay indoors for long hours, which makes managing your weight at this time a great challenge, especially […]