Eva Burešová explained why she named her son Tristan William

Preferred actress and star of the Sunny and ZOO collection Eva Burešová (29) is already dwelling from the maternity healthcare facility. And no ponder how a lot people discuss about her son’s identify on social networks. Eva and her spouse Přemek Forejt (35) are persuaded that no a single will laugh at Tristan since of […]

Eva Burešová gave start! Přemek Forejt exposed the baby’s name

– MasterChef chef and judge Přemek Forejt bragged about the pleased information on social networks. He and his partner Eva Burešová had a little one on Monday. He was presented the name of Tristan William Forejt. Happy Father Přemek Forejt bragged about the pleased information on Monday evening. At the similar time, he also shared […]

Burešová has never been this beautiful. Pregnancy suits her incredibly well

– Actress Eva Burešová’s pregnancy is really good, she has become really round in a few months and she is more beautiful than ever. On her instagram, she shared a photo in a white top with an exposed belly, which shows that the proud mother is looking forward to the baby. The young mother’s pregnancy […]

Happy family: Eva Burešová went to the company with…

Eva Burešová and Přemek Forejt Zdroj: Profimedia – – Actress Eva Burešová takes her son Nathaniel with her only exceptionally, to the launch of the Magic Fountain, which returns to the Prague Exhibition Grounds and to which the actress sang vocals, but the cute boy was not to be missed. They were then accompanied by […]