One district has 100 points in the PES system! These regions are the worst off

On Wednesday morning, according to data published by the Ministry of Health, Teplice in North Bohemia was the worst with a risk score of 91 points. It was also the only district in the Czech Republic where the PES index was 90 or more. A day later, everything is different. He became the new “champion” […]

Mortgages will become more expensive. Low rates are ringing the death knell

“Banks are no longer reducing at the same pace as in previous months. The main reason is the price at which banks raise money for further lending on the interbank market. And it was the price of money on the interbank market that began to rise rapidly in November, ”points out Jiří Sýkora, an analyst […]

Get in debt now, it will be worse, banks whisper. Mortgages are extremely cheap

It is almost certain that the mortgage market will break the record this year. Not enough is enough, and in the volume of loans provided, the target from 2016, when people borrowed 225.8 billion crowns for housing, will tear. Interest in mortgages is also increased by low interest rates, which fall below two percent. Bankers […]