Apartment prices: will not become cheaper, say market players

Inflation has reached a 5% target, and interest rates on mortgages are also beginning to rise. Fewer people will be able to afford their own housing. How will this affect housing prices? Developers, real estate agents or banking experts answer the survey. The addressed experts answered the following questions: How do you see further developments […]

Czechs are panicking about rising energy prices. Suppliers said when prices would rise

The rise in natural gas and electricity prices on the stock exchange will affect hundreds of thousands of Czechs. According to experts, their price will rise even more and it could not stabilize until the spring of next year. According to representatives of the largest Czech suppliers of gas and electricity, however, no significant increase […]

Economists: Producers are secretly shrinking food packaging, due to rising prices

Food producers may subtly reduce their packaging or weight due to impending high inflation. According to economists, they can avoid raising the price of their products so as not to discourage the customer from buying. However, the customer gets worse anyway, because he gets less for the same price. Due to rising inflation, the Czech […]

The NFT attracted Lobkowicz. He chose the right time to sell the token

The offered NFT will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain and the future owner will pay for them with cryptocurrency ether, Lobkowicz spokesman Jan Pavelka told the E15 daily. The auction, accompanied by an exhibition of contemporary artists in the field of NFT, was initiated by William Rudolf Lobkowicz (27), a native of Boston who […]