Savencia found a buyer for the Sedlčany dairy

The premises of the former dairy in Sedlčany were acquired by the company Pilecký, which deals with the production, assembly and sale of fences. Last year, Savencia Fromage & Dairy Czech Republic stopped the production of Sedlčanský and Lučina cheeses in Sedlčany and was looking for a buyer for an empty complex. Both parties have […]

Milos Zeman The president’s speech was critical of “anti-sculptors”

“We only have one weapon at our disposal, because the vaccine does not yet exist. This weapon is a small piece of fabric that we hang on our face and which protects us from infection and, conversely, we protect others from this infection, “said Zeman. He then expressed respect, admiration and thanks to domestic paramedics. […]

Government assistance to restaurants: Full wages, payment of half the rent and tax relief

The government negotiated to help restaurants and bars, which it closed until November 3 due to the coronavirus crisis. Aktuálně.cz received a proposal for a measure according to which the field of gastronomy should receive significant compensation. But only some are approved. The addressed companies and associations do not want to comment too much on […]

Night rain flooded rivers in Moravia and eastern Bohemia, closing roads

Night rain caused the flooding of some rivers in Moravia and eastern Bohemia. The third, highest degree of flood activity was reached in six places in the morning. This follows from data on the hydrological website of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute as of Wednesday at 05:30. Warnings from heavy rain and the risk of floods […]

Investors pounced on the Pill. Interest in shares has already exceeded supply

Investors have already subscribed to buy all 800,000 shares offered. The vast majority of investors valued the value of the Pill share at the maximum possible indicative value. Almost three quarters of investors valued Pilulka shares with 424 crowns, while Pilulka expected to sell securities in the range of 325 to 425 crowns. That is […]

Lentils end in Holešov, Nestlé will move their production to Germany

The Lentilka brand is now manufactured by the Sphinx factory in Holešov. “From April 2021, a factory in Hamburg will take over the production of smarties. The operators who are now involved in the production of smarties will be moved to other production lines and workshops in the Sfinx plant, “said Kičina. According to him, […]