Thousands of people are looking for dentists in vain, revolutionary change should help

Thousands of people are looking for dentists in vain, revolutionary change should help

Thousands of people are waiting for dentists in the Czech Republic. For example, in Ostrava, after the opening of a new dental office, dozens of people waited in line for registration for several hours. A similar practice should be avoided by a novelty in the reimbursement decree. Dentists will be newly entitled to an allowance for each newly registered patient.

“It is a new model of payment, when the so-called aggregate payment will be created, it will be similar to that of general practitioners. The aggregate payment is currently 15 crowns for one newly registered insured person,” said Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch (YES).

According to the Minister of Health, thanks to the new conditions, dentists will have a greater motivation to register patients with health insurance and treat them with the so-called insurance company. “The fee is not huge, but it is finally a substitute for taking care of the patient,” said the head of the Czech Dental Chamber Roman Šmucler.

They have problems with the lack of quality dentists who would accept new patients, for example in the Moravian-Silesian, Ústí nad Labem, Pardubice regions or in the Vysočina region.
According to the database of the Czech Dental Chamber, on the other hand, it is not a problem to find a dentist in Prague or Brno. 138 dentists are accepting new patients in the capital, and 30 in the Moravian metropolis.


Czechia – Korea 0: 2, Czechs lost at the beginning. It flew around the goal, we hit opponents, regretted the captain of the paratroopers Kubeš

Czechia – Korea 0: 2, Czechs lost at the beginning.  It flew around the goal, we hit opponents, regretted the captain of the paratroopers Kubeš

Lukáš Kaboň /

“It simply came to our notice then. We were not able to end the event. At the end of the first period we got a goal, we got under pressure, we started their game and according to that the match turned out, “regretted the unsuccessful entry into the Ostrava championship by the captain of the Czech national team Pavel Kubeš.

“I lacked a bit of peace in our game and the balance to make the right decision in the end. In the first period, we sometimes chose an extra pass instead of a shot and looked for teammates unnecessarily. And unfortunately we didn’t have such an active approach to the goal after the shot, “pointed out the national team coach Jiří Bříza.

The Czechs entered the match better than their conqueror in the fight for the bronze from 2019. However, they were silent in goal, because the great Korean goalkeeper Lee Jae Woong stopped all eighteen Czech shots in the match. “It caught up well, it didn’t stick to us. It flew around the goal, we hit the opponents, luck was not on our side, “Kubeš pointed out.

The Koreans decided to win at the end of the first and at the beginning of the second period. In the last fifteen minutes, the Czechs were only allowed three shots. “They follow exactly the orders they receive from the coach, they don’t let us go to the events we’ve learned, they’re tough, they ride very fast. They use a hybrid forbidden release, which didn’t play into our cards, “the Czech captain calculated the reasons for the defeat.

The Czechs needed to defeat the Koreans in order to avoid the probable winners of a weaker group of Russians in the quarterfinals. “But nothing will change for us. We must fight against America, Canada, and then Russia will most likely come upon us. We still have it open, we have to do our best to finish in fifth place, which guarantees participation in the Paralympic Games, “said Kubeš.

On Sunday (from 2.30 pm), the Czech national team will play against the defenders of gold for the Americans, and the last matches of the group will be played on Tuesday against the world runners-up to the Canadians (2.30 pm). Any point gain against tournament favorites would be a miracle. “We will rely on happiness, on Vápna (goalkeeper Michal Vápenka), to hope and pray. But there is always a chance. Although small, “the Czech captain smiled.

Parahokeji World Championships in Ostrava:
Korea – Czech Republic 2: 0 (1:0, 1:0, 0:0)
Goals: 14. Ryo Che-hyun, 17. Chung Sung-hwan.


The British conquered the Scottish fortress in vain, the result more confused the Czech group

The British conquered the Scottish fortress in vain, the result more confused the Czech group

In the second match at the European Championships, England’s footballers drew 0-0 with the island rival Scotland and did not take the chance to secure advance to the round of 16 in the “Czech” Group D. The home favorites in London did not follow the initial triumph 1-0 over Croatia, the Scots scored for the first time after losing 0-2 to the Czech Republic and stayed in the game.

The English are second to the Czech team in the score table. He drew 1: 1 with the Croats today and at the end of the opening phase of the tournament at London’s Wembley Stadium, he will compete with Albion. A point is enough for both teams to be sure of progress. Scotland will also challenge the Croats in Glasgow on Tuesday.

“It wasn’t our best performance. But it’s another point towards progress, which is our primary goal. We will have another big match with the Czech Republic in a few days and we want to finish the group as best we can,” said English captain Harry Kane in a television interview.

“I think we deserved to win. We had a great chance. At times we held the ball great and frustrated our opponents. Other times we would get even more out of it, but the point keeps us alive and that’s important,” added Scottish captain Andy Robertson.

Coach Gareth Southgate’s charges interrupted a series of seven victories, but did not cash in the seventh of the last eight duels. The English did not lose to Scotland for the fifth time in a row.

The guests started more actively and the Stones blocked the Adams’ dangerous shot. The English stopper then almost opened the score in the 12th minute, when he headed into the stick unobstructed by a defender. Right next to it, Mount ended, then Kane missed the Scottish goal.

After half an hour of play, England was held back by the goalkeeper Pickford, who pulled out O’Donnell’s volley well. The home team were tormented with the rest of the first half, and there was a whistling sound in the stands, which accompanied the Albion player into the locker rooms.

In the second act, the picture of the game did not change much, moreover, the chances diminished. Shortly after the break, Scottish goalkeeper Marshall also appeared against Mount’s hard blow. Otherwise, however, the home team, led by the indistinct captain Kan, continued to struggle with a strong defensive block of the opponent.

“It was a difficult match. The Scots defended very well, they were in the right place at the right time. We know that no match against the Euro is easy, and Scotland was fighting for their lives today,” said striker Kane.

The Scots seldom threatened after an hour of play, when Pickford was replaced on the goal line by defender James. The English then demanded in vain penalties after Sterling’s fall in the penalty area. But the island derby didn’t offer more.

“It was a frustrating evening. We have to pay a big tribute to Scotland. If you can’t win the match, then it’s important not to lose it,” said coach Southgate.

European Football Championship:

Group D (London):

England – Scotland 0: 0

Judges: Mateu Lahoz – Cebrián Devís, Del Palomar – Hernández (video, all Šp.). ŽK: McGinn, O’Donnell (both Scotland). Attendance: 22,500.

England: Pickford – James, Stones, Mings, Shaw – Rice, Phillips – Foden (63. Grealish), Mount, Sterling – Kane (74. Rashford). Trenér: Southgate.

Scotland: Marshall – McTominay, Hanley, Tierney – O’Donnell, McGinn, Gilmour (76. Armstrong), McGregor, Robertson – Dykes, Adams (86. Nisbet). Trenér: Clarke.


EURO 2021 | Deserved draw? We were closer to winning, says coach Plíšek. Croats already lack a drive

EURO 2021 |  Deserved draw?  We were closer to winning, says coach Plíšek.  Croats already lack a drive

Petr Hloušek, Right

Opponent’s faint performance in the first half? I was not surprised. It also confirmed the opinions of friends from Croatia, which I heard before the start of the championship. I noticed some doubts about how the team would be composed and whether it would have the necessary dynamics. I think it really turns out that the team is probably starting to be at its zenith. I have noticed similar observations in the media, not only in the Croatian but also in the German press. In short, it peaked at the World Championships three years ago and it is starting to lack dynamics, hunger, movement. The team still has a lot of individuality, but the drive is already missing.

We led the match thanks to a Schick penalty. Despite the wound with his elbow to his face, Patrik undertook the execution, which was clear evidence that he currently had a high level of confidence. He always had it, but now it occurs to me that he is aware of his qualities and the championship caught him in really great shape. He must have been kicked by two hits in the opening match against the Scots. He believes. It is not always worthwhile for a fouled player, even in such a state, to go kick a penalty kick. But Patrik did it very well. He proves that he can be a great personality with a very interesting career.

Czech forward Patrik Schick after a foul by Croatian Dejan Lovren.

Petr David Josek, Reuters

It has always been said clearly that a fouled player should not take a penalty kick. But I think it depends on the real mood of the player. He should be responsible enough to judge if he is able to concentrate and concentrate on playing. But if it’s a player who can normally turn penalties, I don’t think that should be a major problem.

The goalkeeper of the Czech national team, Tomáš Vaclík, collects Croatian Ivan Perišič (left) after a shot.

Petr David Josek, ČTK / AP

Unfortunately, Vlad Coufal slipped before Perišič’s equalizing goal. It happened to him once more, so the question arises as to whether he was properly dressed in the terrain that was in Hampden Park. In the second half, the sun shone in Tomáš Vaclík’s eyes, which may have played a role. But the shot was very sharp and well hit, although the ball seemed to fly close to his body.

In any case, mainly the second substitution stirred the game of Croats. They began to show greater quality and movement, combining much faster. The boys were 1: 1 frozen after a goal, but over time they got back into the game. In the end, everyone realized that the victory would be great, but the defeat would also bring a huge complication, especially for the Croats.

EURO 2021

The European Football Championship, which was originally scheduled to be played a year ago, it starts on June 11 and ends on July 11. EURO is hosted by eleven countries, the Czech national football team is in group D together with England, Croatia and Scotland. The championship finale is played at the legendary Wembley.

Schick was able to shoot again, in the first half I was fascinated by Shrovetide in some situations, which created dangerous situations. But otherwise I would not highlight specific players, I would appreciate the collective performance against the Croats. I think that for the two matches that the boys played in the tournament, they would definitely deserve to advance to the round of 16. Their gameplay and performances are great and it would be a great pity if, due to some coincidence, they finally missed the playoffs.

Jiří Plíšek started his coaching career with the Slavic youth. He made a name for himself in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he also played the UEFA Cup with Željezničar Sarajevo, and it was in this club that he discovered the star sniper Edin Džek for big football. In the first league, he led Slovácko and Teplice, with which he won the home cup. He also worked as a main scout and sports manager in Sparta, Prague. In 2002, he was named the best youth coach of the year in the Czech Republic.


EURO 2021 | FOOTBALL ONLINE: Slovaks cooked for the EURO. The match was decided by a penalty

EURO 2021 |  FOOTBALL ONLINE: Slovaks cooked for the EURO.  The match was decided by a penalty


Watch Schick? All Czechs are dangerous, the Croats are afraid of a key battle

Watch Schick?  All Czechs are dangerous, the Croats are afraid of a key battle

In Friday’s second match of the basic group at the European Championships, the Croatian footballers will not pay special attention to the Czech striker Patrik Schick, who secured a 2-0 victory over Scotland with two goals on Monday. This was stated by the assistant coach of the Czech opponent Vedran Čorluk.

Schick shone especially during the second goal, during which he crossed the Scottish goalkeeper from almost 50 meters.

“Schick is a first-class player and I’m not just saying that because of the two goals against Scotland. Even at the club level in Leipzig and Leverkusen, he showed that he is a very unpleasant striker,” praised Corluk, a 35-year-old former great defender.

So how to stop the Czech forward? “We will not guard him personally,” Corluka said. “It was never our strategy and we do not intend to change it on Friday either,” the Croatian Association’s website quoted him as saying.

According to midfielder Nikola Vlašič, it would also be a mistake for his team to focus only on the enemy’s pointed forward. “All Czechs are dangerous,” stressed CSKA Moscow midfielder.

“It is very important to beat them, because it is always very difficult to go to the last match with the need to win it, which would happen in a possible Friday draw,” he added.

Čorluka considers the current Czech team to be stronger than in the last match five years ago at the last Euro. At that time, the Croatians – with Čorluk in the line-up – led 2: 0, but in the last quarter of an hour they lost the lead over the goals of Milan Škoda and Tomáš Necid from the penalty.

“Of course I remember that match well. As far as I know, I lost an air battle before the first goal collected,” admitted a former Manchester City or Tottenham player.

“Then we did a penalty in the last minute after Vida played with his hand. A strange match that we had to finish better,” recalled Čorluka, who played for the whole 90 minutes.

“And the Czechia then and today? Today it is a much faster and more dynamic team, simply much more unpleasant than then. It will be much harder for us than in 2016,” said assistant head coach Zlatko Dalič.

His team lost 0-0 to England at the start of the Euro and did not score for the second time in a row. “We know that our biggest problem in the last matches was the final phase, everyone saw it. We had problems on the last third of the field and we didn’t get into chances,” admitted Čorluka.

“We are working hard to improve it for the next match. I am sure that we will be much better and more dangerous,” he warned the Czechs.

“We want to win, but we will try to achieve it wisely. We must not go crazy and leave the Czechs room for breaks and dangerous situations. They are very dangerous in the transition forward, so we must not hurry too much for three points from the beginning,” Corluk outlined

In addition, his boss Zlatko Dalič claims that the defeat with England did not spoil the atmosphere in the team much. “We lost to the team, which is one of the favorites of the Euro. Now we have to go for the victory. I believe that we will perform in better condition and, most importantly, we will be more offensive,” said the chief Croatian strategist.


The strong rise in housing prices is surprising, according to the CNB record. This applies to the Czechia and other countries

The strong rise in housing prices is surprising, according to the CNB record.  This applies to the Czechia and other countries

According to members of the Bank Board of the Czech National Bank (CNB), the strong rise in housing prices and new mortgages is surprising. According to the council, this applies to the Czechia as well as to most developed countries. At the same time, however, they believe that growth is likely to slow in the coming quarters. This follows from the record of the CNB Board meeting on 27 May on financial stability issues.

The record of the board’s meeting after discussing the issue of financial stability last November was similar.

After the meeting on May 27, the council left the limits for providing mortgages unchanged and did not consider it necessary to tighten them. Simultaneously with effect from July 2022, it increased the so-called countercyclical capital buffer rate for credit market protection for all banks, savings and credit unions and securities dealers to one percent from the current 0.5 percent.

At the same time, it stated that, according to stress tests, the banking sector is highly resilient even after the coronavirus pandemic, also due to its strong capital adequacy. At that time, the Bank also estimated that apartment prices in the Czech Republic are overvalued by an average of 18 percent and in selected localities with a high share of investment apartments by up to a quarter.

According to the record, the Bank Board also agreed that the support of the supply on the residential real estate market could contribute to the stabilization of housing prices to a much greater extent than the CNB’s measures. According to some members of the Bank Board, higher taxation of real estate acquired as investment would also help stabilize prices.

“Foreign experience shows that in addition to an adequate real estate tax setting, the removal of various tax subsidies supporting the purchase of housing on debt, such as the tax deductibility of interest on mortgage loans, also counteracts the deterioration of housing affordability,” the record said. At the meeting, one of the members of the Bank Board emphasized that the slowdown in housing prices should be helped by a reduction in inflation expectations and an increase in real interest rates.

In relation to housing prices, according to the record, economists probably did not sufficiently appreciate the importance of specific circumstances related to the pandemic. These include an increase in demand for larger flats, housing outside larger cities or recreational real estate.

The record also states that the volumes of truly new mortgage loans, ie without refinancing and refixing, reached record highs in the second half of last year and in the first months of this year. “This is mainly due to a significant increase in the average amount of the loan provided, while the numbers of actually new mortgage loans did not deviate from the values ​​usual in previous years,” the record said.

According to the record, the members of the Bank Board also agreed that the financial sector has strengthened its resilience in the last two quarters. “The recession that the economy went through was not a classic cyclical nature. Its effects on the health and performance of the financial sector were significantly lower than expected last year,” the record said.

On Wednesday, the CNB also published the entire Financial Stability Report 2020/2021. However, she has already presented the main conclusions at a press conference on 27 May.

Video: There is a huge shortage of apartments, the price will not go down. Taxing other flats is nonsense, says Korec

Prices of average flats will not go down, demand is still rising. The price of flats in Prague has doubled in the last five years, says developer Evžen Korec. | Video: Daniela Drtinová


EURO 2021 | Scotland – Czechia 0: 2, Superman Schick! He scored his first win at EURO Czech with two show goals

EURO 2021 |  Scotland – Czechia 0: 2, Superman Schick!  He scored his first win at EURO Czech with two show goals


From July, more people will be able to be in the shop, swimming pool or at a cultural event – ČT24 – Czech Television

From July, more people will be able to be in the shop, swimming pool or at a cultural event – ČT24 – Czech Television

At the beginning of July, one person per ten square meters will be able to be in retail, and the ban on promotional events will also be lifted. For services such as hairdressing, cosmetics, manicures or massages, the condition that they can be provided to only one customer will be abolished. The obligation to register customers will also be abolished.

From the same date, live music, not dancing, will also be available in restaurants and clubs. In swimming pools and wellness centers, the maximum possible occupancy will increase to 75 percent of capacity.


Briefing after the government meeting on June 14

Source: ČT24

Newly, quarantine after encountering infected coronavirus will be mandatory for people who are vaccinated with a single dose. According to the Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch (for YES), the reason is the risk of mutations. For those fully vaccinated at present, according to an emergency measure, it is not necessary to quarantine.

“It turns out, for example, that the Indian mutation is resistant, especially after the first dose,” Vojtěch added. One dose of the vaccine, 21 days after which is enough, is enough to prove infectivity for some mass events or use of services. An alternative is a negative test or passing the disease.

The end of the veils during teaching

Pupils and teachers can postpone the curtains during teaching even in the Zlín, South Bohemian and Liberec regions, where they were previously compulsory. The government decided on Monday afternoon, the Minister of Education Robert Plaga (for YES) informed on Twitter. In other regions, airway obstruction during classes was abolished last week.

“Here, too, the obligation to wear veils remains during breaks and in common areas,” Plaga warned. The Zlín, South Bohemian and Liberec regions were the last regions where the so-called incidence number was last week, ie the number of people infected per 100,000 inhabitants last week, above 30. However, the epidemic situation improved there.

Possibility to vote in quarantine

In the October parliamentary elections, portable ballot boxes and polling stations for voting from a car could be prepared for people in quarantine or isolation due to coronavirus. The bill on special methods of voting in the elections to the Chamber of Deputies on Monday was approved by the government, said Deputy Prime Minister Jan Hamáček (CSSD).

The Act on Special Voting has been amended in agreement with the parliamentary parties so that special voting methods will be used only if a pandemic or emergency situation is declared in the Czech Republic in mid-September due to covid-19.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, the three proposed methods have already proved successful in last year’s regional and senate elections. In addition to portable mailboxes and drive-in voting, another option is voting in a closed residential facility.

The proposed amendment also allows voters to vote in quarantine on Thursday, October 7, the day before the decision on the future composition of the Chamber of Deputies in the Czech Republic begins.

“Although the epidemic situation is getting better every day and I believe that we will make a definitive end to coronavirus by October, it may still be a certain group of voters in quarantine at that time. With this law, we will enable them to be able to vote as well, “Hamáček said in a press release.

Negotiations with governors

Before their regular program, the ministers held a joint meeting with the Association of Regions, at which they were to discuss subsidies from the REACT-EU program to strengthen health care or the future of vaccination against covid-19.

The government has not yet announced another round of the subsidy call from the EU REACT-EU program. Liberec Governor Martin Půta (SLK) informed about it. Minister for Regional Development Klára Dostálová (for YES) confirmed that the new challenges will concern only specialized fields, such as oncology, and will offer two billion.

The regions are requesting the payment of subsidies from the 98th call of the program for 5.5 billion crowns to all applicants who meet the requirements. The government will comply with them if the applications meet the formal conditions of the program. According to critics, when applying for subsidies in the last call, the speed of project submission, ie clicking with a computer mouse, was decisive.

“We agreed that clicks should not be an evaluation element in submitting European applications, so further calls will not take place on Tuesday. The government has also promised to increase funding for calls that have already been made for all applications that meet the formal conditions of the program, “said Půta.

The Governor of the South Moravian Region, Jan Grolich (KDU-ČSL), pointed out that it is not that simple. “It is true that the government is trying to find as much money as possible to satisfy all projects. Nobody knows how much the money will be, because projects that do not reach the money for a formal reason have to be reconsidered, “he said. According to him, it will not be seen until mid-July how much money must be found.

Grolich also sees the problem in the fact that the government wants to take money from another call, which is intended for follow-up care in regions such as hospitals for the long-term sick and other facilities. “And there, if the money is not sent there, we will feel it very much. There are a lot of questions about it, “he added.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Regional Development last week, it is possible to meet all successful applications for subsidies from the EU’s REACT-EU program to strengthen health care, but another subsidy call would be canceled. Dostálová added that if there are few applications in the field of social infrastructure, it seems so far, the government will negotiate with Brussels a transfer of money so that it can be used for projects to strengthen aftercare.

According to the Ministry of Regional Development, the demand for submitted projects exceeds the possible budget of REACT-EU subsidies. Some of the governors and the parliamentary opposition recently criticized the way in which the money for the development of health care from REACT-EU was distributed. According to them, the speed of project submission was decisive in the system. Due to this, the Liberec Region submitted a pre-litigation appeal to the Ministry of Regional Development in mid-May.

Money for road repairs

The Ministry of Finance has released four billion crowns from this year’s budget to the regions for repairs of second and third class roads. Another two billion regions will receive European money. This was said by the Minister of Finance Alena Schillerová (for YES) after Monday’s government meeting. The region also received six billion crowns on the roads last year, Schillerová added.

A budget with a deficit of 500 billion crowns is approved for the whole of this year. At the end of May, the budget deficit was 255 billion crowns.

The regions manage 49,000 kilometers of second and third class roads. The Ministry of Transport administers first-class motorways and roads, of which there are about seven thousand kilometers. Regions do not only have roads, but also bridges. These are often in very poor technical condition and are expensive to repair. Of the approximately 15,000 bridges in the Czech Republic, 12,000 are managed by the regions.

Freezing of salaries of constitutional officials

The government has taken a neutral position on Prime Minister Andrej Babiš’s (ANO) parliamentary proposal to freeze the salaries of constitutional officials next year. Before the meeting, the Social Democrats supported the idea that remuneration should not rise, but criticized the effort to change the way salaries were calculated.

Due to the fact that it concerns judges, the proposal came against the disagreement of part of the judiciary. According to the chairman of the Supreme Administrative Court, Michal Mazance, he is unconstitutional in the part concerning the salaries of judges. The Supreme Court also warns of possible unconstitutional consequences.

Last year, Parliament decided that the salaries of legislators, members of the government, the president and judges would remain at last year’s level this year. The aim was to reduce government spending, which increased in connection with the coronavirus epidemic. The expected salary increase for next year, which according to Babiš should represent at least 5.9 percent, the Prime Minister described in the proposal as unacceptable.

Video Events


Events: The government is not united about freezing the salaries of constitutional officials

The Minister of Finance has a similar opinion. “Salaries in the national economy will grow minimally, if at all, so that the salaries of constitutional officials will increase by almost six percent in 2022, I simply consider it impossible,” says Alena Schillerová (for YES).

The proposal also included a new way of calculating salaries. “It is not so long since the Chamber of Deputies approved it by a fairly broad consensus of form or calculation, which is absolutely clear and is calculated from the average wage,” says CSSD chairman Jan Hamáček.

Despite the reservations about the proposal, the proposal will go from the government to the Chamber of Deputies. Whether the lower house will deal with it in the end, however, is not at all certain. There are hundreds of points to discuss and the term of office for MEPs is being shortened, ending at the end of October.

“At a time when the state is in such a deficit as it is, it is appropriate to look for savings across sectors, certainly the salaries of constitutional officials are high enough to be able to save right there,” says Pirates Deputy Chairman Mikuláš Ferjenčík.

“Just before the election, the YES movement comes up with the same proposal as the SPD submitted three years ago and against which the YES movement voted at the time,” said SPD chairman Tomio Okamura. If the House manages to discuss the proposal before the October elections, the Senate will still consider it.

“I have already registered four proposals in the Chamber of Deputies to freeze the salaries of constitutional officials, we will wait for the proposal to come,” advises the chairman of the upper chamber Miloš Vystrčil (ODS).


The case of Babiš’s conflict of interest was taken over by the European prosecutor. He solves 12 criminal cases in the Czech Republic

The case of Babiš’s conflict of interest was taken over by the European prosecutor.  He solves 12 criminal cases in the Czech Republic

The newly functioning European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) has taken over the case of the conflict of interests of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO), in which Czech investigators are investigating whether a criminal offense could have been committed due to the use of subsidies or public contracts by the Agrofert Group. So far, the European Prosecutor’s Office has taken over 12 criminal cases from the Czech Republic concerning serious economic crime with an impact on the European budget.

The information was provided by the server Babiš invested his companies, including Agrofert, in trust funds.

“The High Public Prosecutor’s Office in Prague is no longer active in the matter,” said the secretariat of the High Public Prosecutor in Prague when asked by the server whether the newly functioning European Public Prosecutor’s Office had taken over the conflict of interest case. The Prague High Prosecutor’s Office supervised the case. However, when the EU Public Prosecutor’s Office became operational on 1 June, it reported it to Luxembourg, where the institution is based. “It did not come out of any new evidence, but it is connected to the creation of a new institution,” said its boss Lenka Bradáčová last week.

The Czech police have been dealing with the Babiš case on the basis of a broader criminal report since December 2019. Now the case has been handled by one of the authorized EU prosecutors operating in the Czech Republic. The team of investigators working on the case should remain unchanged, writes

In addition to the Czech police, the European Union is also dealing with a possible conflict of interest of the Czech Prime Minister. According to the auditors of the European Commission, Babiš has a conflict of interest because he controls the trust funds in which he has invested his assets. Subsidies from the structural funds of the European Union in the total order of hundreds of millions of crowns, which companies received from the Agrofert holding since 9 February 2017, are therefore unjustified, according to the auditors’ conclusion. Both the Prime Minister and Agrofert reject the conflict of interest.

According to the European Public Prosecutor for the Czechia Petr Klement, cases taken over by the European Public Prosecutor’s Office have already been assigned to specific authorized prosecutors, said So far, five authorized plaintiffs have been appointed in the Czech Republic. “I can say a serial number. Currently, we have been reported about 45 cases, of which we have received 12 so far,” Klement said. He did not want to say exactly what the cases were with reference to the internal rules of the EU prosecutor’s office.

“The cases we keep are really among the most serious according to the rules approved by the office. Other cases will be constantly challenged, so I believe that we will get to much higher numbers,” Klement also said.

EPPO has been operating since the beginning of June, it will deal with serious economic crime harming the financial interests of the European Union. Under it will be representatives of all European Union countries except Poland, Hungary, Ireland, Sweden and Denmark. These countries will not participate in the work of the Office. The EU institutions estimate that the EU lost about 460 billion euros (almost 12 trillion crowns) in 2019 alone due to various financial frauds. The prosecutor’s office estimates that it will deal with approximately 3,000 cases a year.