Penny has launched its own e-shop. DoDo will take care of the delivery

The Penny Market food chain is entering the online environment, launching its own e-shop called Pennydoms, so far in the form of a pilot project in Pilsen. The delivery of orders will be in charge of the courier company DoDo. If the pilot operation is successful, Penny plans to expand Pennydoms to other Czech cities. […]

Penny is now selling meat loaf pretzels

Two typical Bavarian dishes combined? The discounter Penny now has this on offer. The Leberkäse in pretzel form could cause displeasure among some customers in the future. Take a meat loaf, mustard, pretzels as a side dish, beer – and a dish is ready to match the taste of Bavarian cuisine. Usually everything is served […]

Another chain will improve the employees, distributing 50 million among them!

“We are aware of the difficult and complex times our people are going through. Thanks to them, we are able to provide all services at the same level in the current situation, while adhering to all our standards and the necessary hygiene and other government measures. It is natural for us that We would like […]