Only Dani Kanazireva from GERB-Women Fashion

Dani Kanazireva in yellow pants next to Boyko Borisov Dani Kanazireva, who will lead the GERB list in the Plovdiv region, appeared dressed in the super fashionable yellow color at the meeting with the party leader Boyko Borissov. She was wearing pants in a slightly more muted shade than the bright sunny yellow, which the […]

A bus driver falls asleep and staggers to the guardrail. It almost crashed

Photo: Facebook of Eleonora Hristozova A driver fell asleep several times while transporting passengers from Sunny Beach to Sofia. The dangerous behavior of the driver was signaled on social networks. Here is what Eleonora Hristozova wrote: “KILLER on the road! Driver of Union Ivkoni and a nightmarish return from the sea. Union Ivkoni bus course, […]

Yellow code for storms and hail in half of Bulgaria

FACSIMILE: NIMH Before noon on Wednesday it will be mostly sunny with temporary increases in cloudiness over the western regions and in isolated places it will rain and thunder, NIMH reports. Around and in the afternoon, with the penetration of relatively cool air in more places in the northwestern half of the country, cumulus and […]

Eva Burešová from Slunečná: She ended up on drips!

The representative of Týna Popelková ended up on a drip in the hospital. “I had to cancel some events. My body has resigned. “ she confided Burešová on a social network. She lay with her back blocked for four days, and even though she received all sorts of care, she still doesn’t feel fit. “I […]

I don’t even deserve that: Eva Burešová spent her birthday like in a movie

Singer and actress Eva Burešová couldn’t be happier. Chef Přemek Forejt, whom she met during the filming of Your Face Has a Famous Voice, prepared a birthday party for her like from a novel. Even at the beginning of the new relationship, the series Cinderella was very careful and did not want to reveal any […]

Dolanský and his end in Slunečná: It’s out! WHY HE HAD TO DIE!

The sympathetic rascal Jakub Javůrek from the Slunečná farm has entered the hearts of spectators. Even the representative of Týna Popelková wept for his touching departure, when he mixed a deadly cocktail of herbs from a shaman due to a brain tumor. Even though everyone knew from the beginning how Cuba would end. From side […]