Found a natural remedy to accelerate hair growth

Today, 11:38 | author: Irina Mikhalkova | Photo With age, not only the skin grows old, but also the hair, which begins to fall out more often. One can only dream of a beautiful hairstyle. But you can return the former luxury to your hair with the help of a simple remedy – Aloe […]

Use: new hairstyle for Donald Trump – Last Hour

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, NOV 14 – Donald Trump’s meeting with the press to talk about his administration’s response to the Coronavirus brought more than one surprise: among these the president’s hairstyle from canary yellow of the last four years it has turned towards an elegant silver gray, almost platinum. There are no explanations for […]

Hair Loss Problem Triggered by Many Factors

Jakarta, – Dandruff and hair loss are still the most common problems faced by people due to mistreatment. Many factors trigger hair problems during a pandemic. Director of PT Kei Distribution Indonesia, Nuraida Choirunnisa, said the problem of hair loss can be due to an unhealthy diet while at home, consuming too much spicy […]

Nutrition and hair health: what to eat and what to avoid

Who wouldn’t want to have hair that is healthy, soft and silky to the touch? Like every single part of our body, even the scalp it needs the right attention to be fit. I factors that in the long run can put a strain on the hydrolipidic film of the hair can be different. These […]

6 Causes of Itchy Beards, Can Skin Moldy or Dry Skin

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Some men may have felt itchy beard. Itchy hives are common. But don’t underestimate it, if this condition has disrupted activities, there could be a serious condition behind it. There are various causes of an itchy beard ranging from mild to severe conditions. Here are the full causes of an itchy beard: […]

Women Must Know! Here are 9 Tips That Can Reduce Hair Loss

PR INDRAMAYU – Hair loss is a common problem for women. This is due to several factors, either from shampoo or perhaps an irregular lifestyle. Most people never get to the root cause hair fall out and start reacting only when it is too late. Possible causes of loss hair caused by dandruff, prolonged illness, […]

Permanent Hair Dye Increases Cancer Risk

JAKARTA, AYOBANDUNG.WITH–Use of the product dye hair permanently it can increase women’s risk of certain types of cancer. Color hair naturally women also influence the risk of these cancers. This was revealed in a study from a Harvard University research team published in the journal BMJ. In the journal, the research team revealed that dye […]