rewrite this title Hours of Mercadona, El Corte Inglés and Carrefour | The special hours of the supermarkets on the December bridge: what days are Mercadona, Consum, Lidl or Carrefour open?

Thursday, December 1, 2022 He December bridge 2022 leaves two holidays during the week, something that does not happen as a usual norm. We are used to long weekends of up to 5 holidays (usually from Wednesday to Sunday or from Saturday to Wednesday) with a single working day in between, but this year the […]

Two thirds of veggie burgers are not very healthy

The Consumers’ Association looked at 75 vegetarian and vegan burgers, available at Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Lidl, Plus, Aldi, Hoogvliet, Dirk and Ekoplaza. These burgers are made from, for example, soy, nuts, pea protein or vegetables. Two thirds of the products appear to contain a lot of salt and/or saturated fat. Plus sets a good example […]

Czech Lidl has a new director. He replaced his predecessor after 14 years.

The Czech division of Lidl is changing its CEO after 14 years. The current head of Lidl in the Czech Republic, Pavel Stratil, voluntarily left his position. He will be replaced by the CEO of Lidl in Slovakia, Adam Miszczyszyn. A fundamental change awaits the Czech division of the Lidl retail chain. In just a […]

Neighborhood supermarkets not set up with Lidl promotion

© MARC HERREMANS – HOUSE OF THE MEDIA Neighborhood supermarkets will ask the Economy Inspectorate to investigate an action by Lidl. The discounter launches a 1+2 free wine promotion. “Very unhappy,” says Bron: BELGIAN Today at 14:00 Whoever buys a bottle of wine from Lidl will receive two free, teaches the Lidl brochure. “Such […]

Even the trolleys of the hypermarket turned out to be…

Pre-holiday fever is boiling in Plovdiv’s department stores and is about to turn into hysteria. It’s really lucky to find a parking space in a retail park, especially if there’s a food chain there. Motorists park in the surrounding streets where they seethe, risking fines. Even from the overcrowded parking lots it is clear that […]

The man attacks people in a French supermarket with an axe

AFP extension ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 21:27 In the town of Jeumont in northern France, a gunman attacked visitors to a supermarket. He used a knife and an ax to do it, French media reported. Three people were seriously injured, including the attacker himself. Why the man did that he is not yet known. The attacker entered the […]

Supermarkets and shops will open in Catalonia and Barcelona on 12 October 2022

With increasing frequency, large food chains open – albeit some with reduced hours – on Sundays and public holidays. And this October 12, Hispanic Heritage Dayit is no exception, even if it is a national holiday. Next, we provide you with a list of supermarkets and shops that open in Catalonia and Barcelona this Wednesday […]