The last monument after Brzobohatý. The cook threw it in the trash

– The beautiful Taťána Kuchařová is not only a former Miss, but also the ex-wife of Ondřej Gregor Brzobohatý. After the breakup, she left no stone unturned on him, now she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him, not even his last name. She revealed to her fans that she has definitively deleted […]

The singer has her eyes left to cry! Part of her dream home was under water

– The storms that swept through the Czech Republic in recent days have left a good trigger. Singer Martina Pártlová is now struggling with their consequences. The cellar near her house became a pond and she literally had to wade through the water. Not so long ago, the singer and member of the 3in1 trio […]

The golden times are over. Paper and iron prices are falling to an all-time low

– Paper and metal collection facilities are currently experiencing a very interesting period. They’re like on a swing. While at the beginning of the year people received maximum prices for paper or metal after a few years, now, on the contrary, they will probably fall the lowest in history. The global covid pandemic threatened not […]