Vyhazov from Nova no longer bothers him, Petr Suchoň became a father

A not very pleasant period was replaced by a joyful period. That’s the way it is in life. In the past, Petr Suchona’s name was inflected mainly in connection with his expulsion from Nova, now it will be different. The former sports car became a father. Petr Suchoň and his wife Klára are parents. Former […]

Dada Patras’ son: Help your own mother!

“If it should save Mom, why not? I would go for it, “he answered the question Aha! Slováček junior. Father Felix (78) has not yet commented, as has daughter Anička (25). After an unfortunate incident when you mom Dad last Wednesday she cut off her head at home and a fast ambulance took her to […]

Marcela Holanová scares the fans: After the operation, she looks down and unhappy

For a long time, she maintained a youthful appearance, was full of energy and gave joy. But today there is something different. When the singer Marcela Holanová appeared at the concentration camp of the Man of the Year competition, many were amazed. Holan looked unhappy and ill. Marcela Holanová is one of the most famous […]

Czech Ken became a father! His baby was born to a surrogate mother

“I’ve had it on my chest all night and it’s probably the most beautiful feeling my father can experience,“TN.cz confided in his newly baked father. Little Andreas was born at half past nine in the evening and is active in the world. “I’m the happiest dad in the world,“Paulat boasted. His son was born to […]

Víťa Vávra († 68): His son did not come to his funeral!

In the Small Ceremonial Hall of the crematorium in Prague’s Strašnice, his wife – the first ex-wife Ilona and the third wife Světlana and their daughter Viktorka – said goodbye to the family for the family. “Ilona explained to me that Filip liked Dad very much, but he hadn’t seen him in seventeen years. They […]