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Eva Burešová and Přemek Forejt

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Actress Eva Burešová takes her son Nathaniel with her only exceptionally, to the launch of the Magic Fountain, which returns to the Prague Exhibition Grounds and to which the actress sang vocals, but the cute boy was not to be missed. They were then accompanied by the actress’ partner, chef Přemek Forejt. And they looked like a family cut out of a catalog.

Although the actress Eva Burešová strictly guards her privacy and especially the privacy of her son Nathaniel, she makes an exception from time to time. He seldom shows Curly Nathan on social networks, and in the vast majority of cases, he immortalizes him from behind so that he can’t be seen in the face. It was even more surprising when she took him with her to the introduction of the Magic Fountain at the Exhibition Grounds, where together with him and their partner Přemek Forejt they willingly posed for the photographers present.

Smiles on all sides

The actress looked very pleased at the event and could be seen to be extremely happy to have both of her love loves next to her. Soon her family will grow by another member. As the actress recently admitted, this year she and her partner will have their first common offspring, which should be born in a few months.

Speculations about the actress’ pregnancies began to spread abundantly at the beginning of this year, but the actress always refuted them. She wanted to wait until she and her partner were sure that the pregnancy was developing as it should. “I’m not the type to say anything about my privacy right away. Of course I would say that. I like to brag about any good news, but in this case, Přemek and I needed time. It’s an extremely sensitive topic, “the actress told her why she had hidden the pregnancy at the beginning.

They know the sex of the baby

More information about the course of the couple’s pregnancy is concealing. They did not reveal at all in what month of pregnancy the actress, for example, or whether she wears a boy or a girl under her heart. At the same time, they know the sex themselves and thinking about what the child’s name will be is the order of the day. “Of course we’re thinking about the name and thinking about how to write that clean letter to the baby. But for now, we’ll keep it to ourselves, “he said in an interview Nova Plus Přemek Forejt, who has a daughter Stella from a previous relationship.

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