‘Celebrity Bake Off’ shows celebrities in action in its first trailer

Amazon Prime Video has released this Thursday the official trailer of Celebrity Bake Off, which means that we can already see their disparate group of contestants in action. 12 celebrities who will give their best to become the best VIP pastry chef in Spain, although they will star in all kinds of situations along the […]

Review: Evil Genius 2: World Domination / Xbox Aktuell

After 17 years, the developer Rebellion has donated a second part to “Evil Genius” and in “Evil Genius 2: World Domination” we are allowed to seize power as the top villain, build our secret base and set up criminal networks in countries. Right from the start you can see the many references to films like […]

Martha startles 2022 | GameQuarter

26/11/21 00:26 | Sil Hendriks | PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One | 0 reacties Martha Is Dead, a new horror game from the Wired Productions stable, will come to give gamers sleepless nights in the middle of the dark winter months. With a downright bizarre trailer, it is revealed that the game will be released on […]

Marvel | “Spider-Man: No Way Home” Releases New Trailer on Television and Confirms Relationship with Tobey Maguire | Tom Holland | Premiere | YouTube See online | Spiderman 3 | SPORTS-PLAY

The multiverse of madness began with the premiere of the series “Loki” in Disney Plus. However, more will be known about it in the tape “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, After Peter Parker interrupted a spell from Doctor Strange and villains from other multiverses began to arrive. In the first trailer for the film, Alfred Molina […]

Unforgivable (on Netflix): Sandra Bullock gets out of prison in the trailer

After serving her sentence for a violent crime, a woman returns to a society that refuses to forgive her for her past. Three years after the box of Bird Box, Sandra Bullock is back on Netflix for a new original film. In Unforgivable, she plays Ruth Slater, a woman released from prison after serving her […]

The new trailer for Battlefield 2042 has Iggy Pop and Tom Brady

Battlefield 2042 is one of the hottest names for players at the end of this year. Although the recent beta did not look completely credible, the developers swear that they have fixed a lot of things since then and that the game will actually be released on November 19, as promised. And to add weight […]

New trailer for Gran Turismo 7 gives a look behind the scenes

Sony and Polyphony Digital have released a new video of Gran Turismo 7. This is a behind the scenes video.In the video, game series creator Kazunori Yamauchi takes us behind the scenes and explains what it means to be a car madman. He discusses the different aspects of the car culture that we see in […]