Due to the Pandemic, Final Fantasy XVI Details Will Be Revealed Next Year

JAKARTA, iNews.id – in 2020, Square Enix announce Final Fantasy XVI. The game will be the next chapter in the Final Fantasy franchise, so many gamers are excited for it. The plan is that Square Enix will have more details to share in 2021. But, given that it’s already the end of the year, that’s […]

Judged Too Best Selling, Final Fantasy XIV Starter and Complete Edition Sales Postponed

TERNATE VOICE – Square Enix reported temporarily delaying sales Final Fantasy XIV Starter and Complete editions. This is done so as not to reduce server congestion due to being too ‘popular’ in the market. Since Early Access and official launch Final Fantasy XIV, the game has experienced some major crash issues. Quoted from the official […]

Square Enix suspends “Final Fantasy XIV” sales, here’s why

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Game developer and producer Square Enix has decided to suspend sales game “Final Fantasy XIV” because it is considered too popular. Since Early Access and the official launch of “Final Fantasy XIV”, the game has experienced some major bottleneck issues. Quoted from the official website, Square Enix is ​​well aware of the […]

Final Fantasy XIV Sales Delayed Due to ‘Too Sold’

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Square Enix reportedly temporarily suspends sales Final Fantasy XIV Starter and Complete editions for being ‘too good’. This was done in an effort to reduce the server bottlenecks that have plagued the game since the release of the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion. Game producer and director Naoki Yoshida wrote in […]

2022 Best Game Nominations Announced, There’s Resident Evil: Village

Jakarta – The Game Awards 2021 officially announced the nominations for best game of the year. There are at least six titles that are familiar among gamers. What do you think? “Nominasi Game of The Year tahun ini adalah Deathloop (Arkane Studios/Bethesda), It Takes Two (Hazelight Studios/EA), Metroid Dream (Mercury Steam/Nintendo), Psychonauts 2 (Double FIne/Xbox […]

Marvel’s Avengers are disappointing, the publishers admitted

There are games that, despite poor reviews, can be a huge success. Marvel’s Avengers (our review), however, did not join them and so the president of Square Enix Josuke Matsuda in annual report he did not take napkins from investors and announced the financial results of the game as a clear disappointment. In the end, […]

The Guardians of the Galaxy represent another villain

Po Lady Hellbender the second villain is coming. Action adventure Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy reveals the great unifier Raker. He is the leader of the Universal Church of Truth, a mysterious organization that intends to bring its so-called “promise” to the entire galaxy. Raker first crossed paths with the Rangers in 2008. But the […]

Hern vvoji had to change the appearance of the icon. People were sick

Although the drug officially does not accept tryphobia as a real diagnosis, according to experts, about 15% of the population suffers. The word originated from a combination of Latin expressions trpya (dra) and phbos (fear), in fact, however, it is generally a morbid fear of irregularly dense geometric shapes. Experts claim that this is a […]

What other company could you buy?

It seems that Disney is very happy with the purchases of companies that it made, since rumors have no longer been heard about possible purchases from the house of the mouse. And it is that already with franchises as big as Star Wars, Marvel and even The Simpsons, it is obvious that they have a […]

Msto nov Lary Strci Galaxie. The presentation of Square Enix surprised

After a captivating presentation of Microsoft (see n lnek) we only got 45 minutes to rest and a conference was held on us. The Japanese company Square Enix is ​​famous for its first single game for one game, for which we have the greatest weakness in the editorial office. So our result was high. Nejvt […]