Vr version of Hitman 3 will be released for PC next year

The PC version of the assassin game Hitman 3 will receive support for virtual reality in January 2022. This is announced by the developer IO Interactive themselves via Twitter. Previously, the VR version of the game was only available for Playstation VR. The upcoming vr update is part of year two for Hitman 3. According […]

Sony has patented its own side panels for the PS5

We recently noticed fight between Dbrand and Sony, which concerned the production of interchangeable side panels for PlayStation 5 consoles. Dbrand faced various problems due to its product, which was popular mainly due to its design diversity, Sony, for example, likened it to terrorists. But the situation was not just about Dbrand, withdrawn from sale […]

The Horizon Forbidden West world will be vast and deadly

Source: SonyAbout monstrous and fascinating machines in the Horizon Forbidden West In creating this world, the designers worked closely with the screenwriters to make they designed a truly living worldwhich will be diverse at the same time. For example, settlements that are invaluable to the main heroine Aloy on her journey have reflect individual strains. […]

Action RPG Thymesia postponed to 2022 | News

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Today, Farming Simulator 22 is published with Czech subtitles

Released on PCs and PlayStation and Xbox consoles today Farming Simulator 22which contains Czech subtitles. An almost two-minute launch trailer commemorates an important day for all agricultural simulator enthusiasts. It shows a variety of agricultural work, forestry work, all kinds of machinery, seasonal fashion and production. “Farming Simulator 22 offers more depth and at the […]

Metal: Hellsinger – The premiere has been postponed to 2022

The developers regret the decision, but it was necessary to release the game the way it deserves. Last summer we were notified of the arrival of the Metal: Hellsinger is an old-fashioned-looking FPS in which we have to eradicate demonic hordes to crushed metal music. It may even seem like a low-budget DOOM clone at […]

Rockstar released the first patch for the GTA trilogy

Yesterday, Rockstar Games officially apologized to the players for technical problems Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition and promised an early update. She had already arrived and focused on correcting the mistakes. There is no doubt that the remasters of GTA 3, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas are a huge […]

PlatinumGames Director Apologizes to Everyone for Scalebound’s Mowing Newsblock

One of the most anticipated exclusive titles for Xbox One and PC is Scalebound was, which was unfortunately mowed in January 2017, but PlatinumGames director Hideki Kamiya has now apologized for it. According to Kamiya, his desire was to make a high-end, photorealistic game. This meant that PlatinumGames had to improve its graphics capabilities as […]

Halo Infinite’s single player immediately captures the imagination | preview

Seldom did Halo feel so ‘Halo’ Written by Lars Cornelis op Friday, November 19, 2021 09:01 343 Industries wasn’t kidding when it said Halo Infinite should be a spiritual reboot. If the first four hours of Halo Infinite’s single player game are even remotely representative of the entire game, then we’re dealing with the most […]

The Xbox and Bethesda dominated the games nominated in 2021

Organizers The Game Awards 2021 revealed nominations for this year’s games, which are marked by countless delays and, unfortunately, often by poorer quality titles. Even so, we saw some interesting games, for example Forza Horizon 5, Deathloop, Returnal, It Takes Two or Resident Evil Village. As you can see for yourself, the games from Xbox […]