Deathloop’s hardware demands are uncompromising

Similar to v case Life is Strange: True Colors, and the creators of the shooter Deathloop from the Arkane studio they kept publication HW requirements of the PC version and other important technical information at the last minute, as the game is released in less than a week. While the requirements of the new Life […]

Starfield a Elder Scrolls 6 na PS5 nevyjdou

Hockey is in it again. Pete Hines, Bethesda’s vice president of global marketing, gave the owners the console PlayStation 5 hopes that he will correct his statement less than 24 hours later. During the Gamescom stream, Hines said one important thing. Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda does not mean that there will be no more games […]

Will Xbox ever create PlayStation-style games?

What are Microsoft’s plans for numerous in-house development teams? Will Xbox ever create epic single-player games with an emphasis on a movie story like PlayStation – Spider-Man, The Last of Us, God of War …? Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s gaming division, confronted these questions in an interview with the magazine’s editors. GamesRadar+. According to […]

They mowed Doom’s Eternal Invasion Mode, creating a horde mode instead Newsblock

Id Software has decided to reject the idea of ​​Invasion Mode at Doom Eternal in the case of, which was meant to update Battlemode in that we could have attacked other players ’campaigns as demons. Instead, consider decided the development team that they will add a different kind of game mode to their popular shooting […]

Gossip: Quake Rebooted with Single-Player Campaign and Female Starring | Newsblock

There were some very exciting rumors around the house of Bethesda that a reboot of the legendary Quake franchise was being prepared around the house of the studio, and what’s more, the first details about it were shared. Allegedly, id Software is working with Machine Games on the reboot (who aren’t working on the Indiana […]

Todd Howard emphasizes the benefits of Starfield exclusivity

Bethesda and Microsoft officials stopped walking around the hot mess and announced at a joint presentation on Sunday that the space adventure Starfield from the creators of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and Fallout 4 console exclusivity for the Xbox Series X / S. In addition to this platform, the game will also be released […]

Microsoft E3 2021 Summary Exclusive

One of the most anticipated conferences of the E3 season, the Xbox Games Showcase, took place last night. Mainly we were curious about the event because now, on the one hand, the Redmondians had to roll a huge roll, and on the other hand, they held the show shoulder to shoulder with Bethesda, which was […]

Xbox and Bethesda have set a date for a joint E3 show

In recent years, Xbox and Bethesda have each held their own presentation in connection with E3. Now that Microsoft has acquired the Elder Scrolls maker However, things will be a little different, and this summer they will hold a joint game show. Halo Infinite will probably appear on the show. Image: Microsoft On Sunday 13 […]