More exclusive to Xbox ?: Microsoft is about to acquire more video game companies

News By Alexandro Santos | January 13, 2021, 5:04 PM Everything seems to indicate that Microsoft wants to continue growing and have more and more exclusives for Xbox. According to the journalist Brad Sams, insider specialist in information of said console, currently there are economic offers on the table of many companies. On his official […]

Bethesda and Lucasfilm Games will develop a new game in the “Indiana Jones” series-Bahamut

Bethesda Softworks released the latest “Indiana Jones (Indiana Jones)” series with Lucasfilm Games on January 12th, US time. It will be handed over to its own studio MachineGames for development and led by Bethesda Games Studios. OutThe Elder Scrolls(The Elder Scrolls)》、《Rest of life(Fallout)” and other popular games director Todd Howard as the producer. Official alsoMentionThis […]

WOW: Shadowlands breaks records on the day of its premiere

Blizzard announced that more news is coming soon. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands arrived at the end of last November. And it has done so by breaking records, as confirmed by Blizzard Entertainment, developer of the title. The company indicates that within 24 hours of its launch, 3.7 million games had been sold worldwide. In this […]

Todd Howard: ‘Hard to imagine’ Elder Scrolls becoming exclusive | News

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