REVIEW: Mario Party Superstars is a prty game we’ve been waiting for

If I omit the traditions hits as seductions Mario Kart 8 Deluxe i Overcooked 2, Super Mario Party is probably the best collection of games for family members and people on TV. We have a lot of 250 hours at home, so we were curious how Mario Party Superstars would fit into our sessions and […]

Nintendo lit up the game with a prize for new online membership

Company in the last big stream Nintendo Directrevealed full concern about the birth of online memberships. In addition to the existing offer of retro games from NES and SNES consoles, you will be able to play star games from Nintendo 64 and thus Sega Mega Drive. It’s a nice bonus, but when Nintendo introduced this […]

The Nintendo 64 games on the Switch are the faster 60Hz versions

When Nintendo recently confirmed that Nintendo 64 games are on their way to the Switch, the company said nothing about which versions of the games are coming. Many fans expressed concern that it would be about the weaker PAL versions, but this week the good news came from Nintendo. In a message via the European […]

Play with Switch to have something to do, living on Nintendo Direct was a bomb

The presentation started with a very pkn trailer for expansion Sunrise for hunting Monster Hunter Rise. It is a paid birth, which is very massive and can be used for five years in summer. Very time it looks like a board game / collection of minigamesMario Party Superstars. New dl erp from the rich history […]

Nintendo 64 games come to Switch in a new Online subscription

Ever since Nintendo began introducing classic games as part of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription, fans have been hoping that the trip would come to Nintendo 64 games. Night to Friday, they finally got their wish fulfilled. Games from Nintendo 64. Image: Nintendo Sega Mega Drive. Image: Nintendo The Japanese gaming giant unveiled an expansion […]

Sealed copy of Super Mario 64 sells for $1.56 million at auction house

Right after The Legend of Zelda on NES broke records, now it was the charismatic mustached plumber’s turn who ever tried collect games you know it’s a very expensive hobby. With the advent of the pandemic and social isolation, the prices of games, and other forms of similar entertainment, soared. However, one segment broke two […]