This is how Dying Light 2: Stay Human | will run on Xbox One and PS4 Newsblock

In this last episode of Dying 2 Know this week, Techland has shown how cooperative mode will super Dying Light 2: Stay Humanwe also got some gameplay footage from the prev-gen consoles so we know what to expect. Techland appears to have chosen 60 FPS on prev-gen consoles, while the current generation PS5 and Xbox […]

Will PS Now and PS Plus merge into one subscription?

Gift cards PlayStation Now are being withdrawn from retail sales in the United Kingdom and the United States. Sony was to begin the process of a complete overhaul of PS Now. The result should be merging PS Now and PS Plus into one servicethat will work worldwide. It’s supposed to be a competition for Microsoft’s […]

Microsoft Stops Production of Xbox One Console

Jakarta – Typically as consoles transition from one generation to another, companies will continue to make and sell the previous generation console for a period of time for gamers who may or may not want to buy a new console. However, this does not apply to consoles Xbox One, where Microsoft is confirmed to have […]

PUBG Free to Play Multiplayer Crossplay Explained For PS4, XBOX AND PC

LATEST KALBAR – Update 15.2 is out and the developer has shared sticky notes. There’s a lot to enjoy from the update including drones and a very helpful tutorial mode that introduces new players to the game while helping established players get better. It is one of the best battle royale games available and the […]

2022 – Here’s a list of games coming out in Week 2

In the coming days, among other things, Monster Hunter Rise will be released on PC. The second work week of 2022 has arrived, and we’ve brought back to our well-accustomed early weekly premiere list, in which we’re scrutinizing video game appearances for the coming days. In the period ahead, a number of works are expected […]

Age of Empires 4 could also come to Xbox, according to recent findings

The fact that Age of Empires IV It ends up debuting on the console is something that even the developers themselves have considered, although without promising anything in particular. Now, the issue is back on the table: gamers have found clues that point to the launch of the acclaimed strategy title on Xbox consoles. In […]

It is becoming more and more certain that The Ascent | Newsblock

It seems that the The Ascent It also appears on PlayStation consoles, at least that’s what the ESRB rating lists for the game on PS4 and PS5 – the same belistázás it even showed up in Taiwan in December. A The Ascent is an isometric shooting RPG set in a cyberpunk metropolis, where mega-corporations dominate […]