The World Before” Japanese version for PS5 released, launch trailer « doope!

The latest work in the popular adventure series “Syberia: The World Before”, which was launched for PC in March last year, and was released for Xbox Series X | The Japanese version of PS5 has been released for sale, and the latest subtitled launch trailer depicting two main characters, two eras, and two stages has […]

“Steam Deck” is finally available! ?Immediate sales start in the Japan region-however, the 64GB model is still a little deposited | Game * Spark-domestic and overseas game information site

Komodo has announced that Valve’s ultra-compact gaming PC “Steam Deck” will switch from pre-order format to immediate sales format in four Asian regions such as Japan. In this announcement, although the pre-order format for the 64GB model will continue only in Japan, the waiting time for pre-order purchase will be eliminated and it will be […]

Microsoft subpoenas PlayStation to testify in its defense against the FTC lawsuit

Microsoft recently sent a subpoena to Sony Interactive Entertainment to defending against a lawsuit from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC, for its acronym in English) for the purchase of Activision Blizzard. Right now, Europe is considering issuing an “antitrust alert” to Microsoft for its intention to acquire the Call of Duty company, among many other […]

The latest series “Dragon Age: Dreadwolf” production director leaves BioWare-a person who was also involved in the “Mass Effect” series | Game * Spark

“Dragon Age”The latest in the series “Dragon Age: Dreadwolfwas the production director ofIt has been revealed that Mac Walters has left BioWare. He has been with BioWare for over 19 years,Mass Effect 2』『3” and the lead writer of “Mass Effect: Andromeda“ofcreative directorHe is a person who also served as『Dragon Age: Dreadwolf]was involved in development as […]

Sederet Fakta The Last of Us, Game of The Year PS3 2013

Jakarta – Popularity The Last of Us as if not wanting to disappear from the civilization of the entertainment industry. Success with its initial appearance in PS3now the fans are spoiled again with the film series on HBO. This game is indeed praised, because it is able to bring the storyline of the best single […]

You can clean the mansion of ‘Lara Croft’ in ‘Power Wash Simulator’ [VIDEO] | Videojuegos | Power Wash Simulator | Square Enix | PS4 | PS5 | Sony | PlayStation | Microsoft | Xbox One | Xbox Series X | PC | Lara Croft | VIDEOJUEGOS

Updated 01/21/2023 11:21 PM m. There are different types of simulation video games, including cleaning ones, as is the case with ‘Power Wash Simulator’ of Square Enix. And in relation to this title comes great news. And it is that Square Enix Collective, FuturLab, and Crystal Dynamics have announced that the ‘Tomb Raider Special Pack’ […]

A Space for the Unbound Released, Check PC Specifications to Play This Indonesian Game, Jakarta – Game besutan developer Indonesia, A Space for the Unboundin the middle of the spotlight from the gamers, after rolling out to multiple platforms. This is because the game developed by Mojiken and publisher Toge Productions, which was released last January 19, 2023, has received many positive reviews. On Steam, the game has […]

Marvel’s Avengers will stop receiving support from September 30

The publisher Square Enix and the development studio Crystal Dynamics confirm through a statement on Twitter what Marvel’s Avengers stop receiving support and new content from the next September 30th, at which time it will also cease to be on sale in both digital and physical stores -while supplies last- for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, […]

Fighting action “Clash: Artifacts of Chaos” gameplay trailer! | Game*Spark

Developer ACE Team has released a new fighting action-adventure title,Clash: Artifacts of Chaos]Announced the start of reservation acceptance and released the gameplay trailer. There are various clans in the world of Xenozoic, the stage of this work, and Corwids, which also appears in this trailer, is one of them. They live in a corner of […]