Nintendo lit up the game with a prize for new online membership

Company in the last big stream Nintendo Directrevealed full concern about the birth of online memberships. In addition to the existing offer of retro games from NES and SNES consoles, you will be able to play star games from Nintendo 64 and thus Sega Mega Drive. It’s a nice bonus, but when Nintendo introduced this full subscription, it indicated that it was an expensive type of membership.

Cena pedplatnho Nintendo Switch Online

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Cena pedplatnho Nintendo Switch Online

And only then, during the stream to the news about Animal Crossing New Horizons, the price collapsed: 40 euros per year for individuals, 70 euros for families. So twice what the company wants to be full. On top of that, go for the Nintendo add addition of Happy Home Paradise to New Horizons, which is far from easy for anyone. And in addition, after the full cancellation, you will lose this DLC again.

Quite understandably, Nintendo’s supporters spoke in favor of such a high price. And it is not very surprising to them, because the benefits that flow from membership are really hard to defend and with such a dramatically called price.

With this step, Nintendo has basically approached the Sony award for the service of the Playstation Plus, in which, in addition to access to online edges, you will receive free games for PS5 and for PS5 owners, access to a very interesting collection of hits from the PS4 era. The Xbox Game Pass for a year, on the other hand, is still expensive, but it’s a good idea to do so.

Nintendo Switch Online - games for Nintendo 64

Nintendo Switch Online – games for Nintendo 64

Nintendo Switch Online - hry na Sega Mega Drive

Nintendo Switch Online – hry na Sega Mega Drive

They let their people know you under the trailer itself for the new online membership, which has so far collected over 70,000 inches. This is quite a large disparity compared to 16 thousand likes. The people in the comments say that it only contributes to the fun of old games and in short, it is one of the worst offers in current models of gaming subscriptions.

Just for comparison, the form of a wave of resentment in the past Nintendo has started with a trailer, for example Metroid Prime: Federation Force for the Nintendo 3DS in 2015, when fans of the Sri Metroid came out of their disapproval in the form of a 95,000-inch mine. And recently, the trailer for the game Pokmon Unite, which even received these rated ratings of over 150,000, the authors therefore preferred to delete it. In the end, the game is not so bad.



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