Deleting Facebook account will also delete all games on Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 is a nice thing, but having to link a Facebook account unfortunately throws a spanner in the works. Now it turns out that when someone deletes their Facebook account, all games on all paired headsets also disappear. Deleting the Facebook account associated with an Oculus Quest 2 will also delete the […]

Ubisoft pays 1 million euros for one trailer

Ubisoft paid a staggering amount of 1 million euros for one trailer. Could it be Far Cry 6? Ubisoft has paid 1 million euros for one trailer for an upcoming game. That reports production company Goodbye Kansas Studios. “It is fantastic that Goodbye Kansas has a new production in the works for Ubisoft, a welcome […]

PS5 reservation via guarantees receipt at launch

If you have reserved a PlayStation 5 via the MediaMarkt website on September 17, you will receive the console on November 19. This is reported by game journalist and PU editor Ron Vorstermans Twitter. That means that all online PS5 orders made on September 17 will continue, the chain reports to Vorstermans. According to the […]

All PS5 pre-orders from sent on launch | News

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DIRT 5 rips past at 120 frames per second

19/10/20 23:29 | Wilco | 0 responses It’s almost time to put the keys in the ignition and get ready for a brutal battle. Championships are taking place on different road types and in different parts of the world that concern speed, motor skills and 120 frames per second. Yes, we are talking about DIRT […]

There are now ads in NBA 2K21 that you cannot skip

NBA 2K21 recently started having ads that cannot be skipped. Players found out about this in recent days. The ads appear during loading screens and are about the Oculus Quest 2, among other things. However, the loading screens don’t seem to be displayed much longer than usual. Still, many players express – among others Reddit […]

Square Enix was temporarily unable to develop games due to pandemic

Although we are all spending more money on games this year, the company is warning of the consequences of production problems. For example, the company was temporarily unable to develop anything itself. Development of new Square Enix games was halted due to the pandemic. That says CEO and president Yosuke Matsuda Financial Times. “There is […]

The Black Ops: Cold War beta lasts a day longer than planned

We get to play an extra day of Black Ops Cold War thanks to the skills of the Call of Duty community. The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta has been extended by one day. Activision announced this via Twitter. The extra 24 hours is a reward for a solved puzzle on the […]

Phil Spencer: ‘Releasing Bethesda games on Xbox consoles and PC is enough’

While it is not out of the question that Bethesda games will appear on other platforms, Microsoft can justify the acquisition of Bethesda by releasing its games only on Xbox consoles and PC. That reports Xbox boss Phil Spencer in a interview met Kotaku. Ever since Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda’s parent company Zenimax, gamers have […]

Sony explains why it records your voice chat on PS5

The fact that Sony records your voice chat on the PS5 is of course a bit privacy sensitive. This weekend, the company responded to the criticism by explaining the feature. Sony has responded on the criticism of automatic voice chat recording planned for PlayStation 5. The company says it should have explained the feature better. […]