The student did what Apple does not want – or does not achieve

It is a known fact that The EU wants to introduce USB-C as a common charging standard, and it’s just as well known that Apple is not as enthusiastic about that idea. Now, however, a student has done what Apple is slow to introduce: Ken Pillonel modified an Iphone X so that it now has […]

AMD will increase CPU performance through two steps next year

AMD celebrated this week that it’s been five years since the company launched the first Ryzen processors. In connection with this, Robert Hallock, director of technical marketing at AMD, could also tell something about the company’s upcoming products. Renews most things Since 2016, many of AMD’s CPU products have been based on the AM4 shelf. […]

The Nintendo 64 games on the Switch are the faster 60Hz versions

When Nintendo recently confirmed that Nintendo 64 games are on their way to the Switch, the company said nothing about which versions of the games are coming. Many fans expressed concern that it would be about the weaker PAL versions, but this week the good news came from Nintendo. In a message via the European […]

How to upgrade to Windows 11 even if your PC is a little too old

With Windows 11, Microsoft has introduced new minimum requirements for the hardware on which the operating system can run. Among other things, a relatively new processor is required and that the security module called TPM 2.0 is available and activated. But it is entirely possible to upgrade older PCs to Windows 11 as well, by […]

Here is the revamped Grand Theft Auto trilogy

After a bunch of leaks in recent months has Rockstar has now unveiled the Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. This package contains refurbished versions of Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The package comes later this year for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation […]

Sora finally comes to Smash

Kingdom Hearts’ Sora has long been one of the most sought after characters in the fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and yesterday afternoon it was finally confirmed: Sora is coming to Smash. It was all unveiled in a long and detailed review by chief developer Masahiro Sakurai, where we got to see well and […]

How to get Windows 11

Microsoft launched Windows 11 a little in advance, seen through Norwegian eyes, among other things, last night. It happened a series of blog posts. There is not much to tell about Windows 11 at this stage, which has not already been told. The only new thing is how to crash the new operating system. The […]

Epic Games Store introduces new Achievement system

Epic Games Store introduces a new layer of functionality next week, in the form of a new Achievement system. Players can now hunt for trophies in various games, and earn experience points that they can show to their friends. The Epic Games store gets Achievements. Image: Epic Games Via their websites Epic reports that the […]

Sony acquires refurbishment kings Bluepoint Games

It was a few months ago by PlayStation Japan announced Sony’s acquisition of Bluepoint Games. At the time, it turned out to have been a mistake, but now the purchase is official. Bluepoint Games is now part of the PlayStation Studios family. Image: Sony Bluepoint has been collaborating with Sony for several years, and has […]