Critics were impressed by the remake of Resident Evil 4.

We are less than a week away from the release of Resident Evil 4 Remake, but it seems that Capcom is so confident in the success of the project that it distributed the game codes to critics much earlier than expected, and also allowed the publication of the first playtests. The first reviews of Resident […]

CoD Mobile could be in jeopardy if Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard

Call of Duty Mobile is the pillar of the CoD saga on mobile devices. Uniting under one roof content of tons of deliveries of consoles and PC, with a vast and varied arsenal Packed with luxurious camouflages, this free-to-play installment has evolved over the years to present a repertoire of maps and modes extensive enough […]

Symphonic Gamer: OFECh gets applause with video game themes

The concert “Symphonic Gamer” was carried out successfully and completely by the Chihuahua State Philharmonic Orchestra (OFECh), choir and soloists, where songs from various games were performed such as: “Super Mario Bross Medley”, ” Super Mario 64: Symphonic Suite”, “Pokémon Medley”, “Halo Trilogy Medey”, “Zelda”, “Megaman”, “Luigi’s Mansion”, among others. It should be noted that […]

Pokémon GO announces Regidrago’s elite raids: Dates and best counters

The raids of Pokmon GOthe mobile game from Niantic, will soon receive a new event lite starring the eighth generation legendary Pokémon Regidrago. If you want to get Regidrago for your collection you will have to be quick, since he will only be available for a limited time. To help you with your homework, in […]

Xbox Series will have its toaster behind the Xbox Series X fridge

Microsoft has designed a Official Xbox Series S Toaster that will go on sale at some point in 2023, according to what the French outlet has leaked Xbox Squad (va VGC). When the company presented this latest generation console on the networks, memes were made comparing it with different household appliances: music players, stoves, and […]

Sifu will be coming to Steam and Xbox soon

Sifu was undoubtedly one of the best indie titles of 2022, but due to platform exclusivity agreements, millions of players couldn’t try it out. Fortunately, this will soon change, as Sifu will soon be available on Steam and Xbox consoles. Sifu was released last year for PlayStation consoles and PC in the Epic Games Store, […]