Index – Tech – Five must-see video games coming in February

The gaming industry has slowed noticeably in the winter months, but in January we can start tuning in to real dumping with the cooperative shooting range Rainbow Six Extraction, or even the extremely successful PC version of God of War 2018, and the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection. . There will be a big spin […]

Index – Tech – After a long time, some innovation is finally coming into Pokémon

When it comes to turn-based role-playing games, the widest range is Pokémon provides, given that video games that guide the world of pocket monsters to Nintendo consoles have appeared in this genre over the past few years. THE Pokémon-toys have another important aspect: discovery. Combining this with a special combat system, various development teams have […]

This could be the biggest acquisition in the history of the gaming industry

Take-Two Interactive, which also owns 2K and Rockstart, has announced an agreement to acquire mobile gaming giant Zynga – writes a TechCrunch. The deal is worth a total of $ 12.7 billion, compared to another $ 8.1 billion paid by Microsoft for Bethesda and Zenimax Media. Under the agreement, Take-Two will acquire shares in Zynga, […]

Age of Empires 4 could also come to Xbox, according to recent findings

The fact that Age of Empires IV It ends up debuting on the console is something that even the developers themselves have considered, although without promising anything in particular. Now, the issue is back on the table: gamers have found clues that point to the launch of the acclaimed strategy title on Xbox consoles. In […]

The latest Tomb Raider trilogy is free

The Epic Games Store, a digital toy store, announced some pretty big promotions during the holidays, but the biggest bang was left for December 30, as the latest is available for free from today until January 6, 2022. Tomb Raidertrilogy for PC. The Crystal Dynamics development team rebooted the adventures of the famous archaeologist in […]

The Most Played and Best Selling Game on Steam in 2021

BEFORE new year, Valve published an annual list of the top games in 2021. The list is broken down into categories, such as the most played and the most profitable in 2021. Quoted from the page TheGamer (28/12), each category is accompanied by a brief explanation and how the list is made. The game is […]