Nintendo discontinues production of 3DS handheld | NOW

Nintendo has stopped making the Nintendo 3DS. The company writes that on one product page. The handheld was sold in several variations from 2011 onwards.

It is not clear when Nintendo stopped production. Several Japanese Twitter users noticed the change on Wednesday. The Nintendo 3DS is still for sale at the moment, but probably while supplies last.

The 3DS succeeded the regular Nintendo DS in 2011. The model, like its predecessor, contained two screens, but could show a 3D effect without the need for special glasses.

Later updates of the 3DS were also released, such as the larger (New) Nintendo 3DS XL and the (New) Nintendo 2DS, which did not show 3D images. A larger version of the latter also appeared.

In total, Nintendo has sold 75 million copies of the Nintendo 3DS worldwide.

The focus of Nintendo is now on the Switch. This game console can be used as a handheld, but can also be connected to the television. 61 million copies of this device have now been sold.


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