Corona Berlin News: Incidence rises to 511.5

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Start-ups: Financing record – yet there is still a lack of money

Julian Teicke (left), Verena Hubertz, Klaus Hommels The Wefox founder, the SPD politician and the investor are campaigning for better start-up financing. (Photo: Wefox Group, Carolin Lauer, Lakestar [Montage]) Berlin Never before have investors put so much money into German start-ups as in 2021. By September it was around 12.4 billion euros – more than […]

North Rhine-Westphalia abolishes the mask requirement for students

In North Rhine-Westphalia, pupils will soon no longer have to wear mouth and nose protection in class. The school ministry of the state announced that the mask requirement on the seats in the classroom will be abolished on November 2nd. Students therefore only have to wear the mask in the rest of the building and […]

Biontech and Pfizer plan to examine third dose for young children

Biontech is also working on a vaccination for young children. Image: dpa The ongoing clinical studies for a booster vaccination of younger children between the ages of six months and four years are to be expanded. The children do not respond so well to the vaccination. Dhe German pharmaceutical company Biontech and its American partner […]

Hotspot rules now apply in Offenbach

WAs the demand for vaccinations for younger children between five and eleven years of age among resident pediatricians exceeds the supply, the vaccination center at the Frankfurt trade fair is making a supplementary offer. The Standing Vaccination Commission expressly recommends Covid vaccination for children with previous illnesses in this age group. However, any other child […]

From Sofia we can buy shares of world giants

From our exchange through a German platform we can get the shares of about 200 companies People in Bulgaria who are interested in investing in stocks can buy shares from global companies such as BioNTech, Moderna, Novavax, CureVac NV or from telecommunications and electronics giants such as Samsung and Apple. The deals are done in […]

Index – Abroad – Development of a supermutant vaccine has begun

BioNTech announced Monday that it has begun developing a vaccine that will be more effective against the omicron variant, specifically referred to as a supermutant. However, the company said in a statement that it is not yet clear whether the new vaccine will be needed based on the results so far, but work has already […]