Analysts: The crown attracted speculators | Newstream

In the coming months, the Czech currency should weaken from its current values, which are the strongest against the euro since the crisis year of 2008. It could thus weaken by several tens of pennies from Friday’s 23.90 CZK per euro. This follows from analysts’ estimates. According to them, the strengthening of the koruna in […]

Lukáš Kovanda: Now is the best time to buy foreign exchange

The koruna breaks through the threshold of 23.90 per euro, for the first time since November 2008. However, it will weaken by the end of June. “Now is a good time to buy foreign currency,” advises economist Lukáš Kovanda. The Czech currency broke the exchange rate limit of 23.90 crowns per euro on Thursday afternoon. […]

Kovanda: Cheers for the crown. It remains strong against the euro and the dollar

The krona strengthened against the euro on Monday morning to its strongest level since 2008, and it also strengthened significantly against the dollar. He is helped by the post-covid boom in Chinese and Asian markets and the prospects of a weakening dollar, writes economist Lukáš Kovanda in his commentary. During trading this morning, the Czech […]

The trains between Vigo and A Coruña, in full despite Renfe reinforcing them to the max

Full train. These are the two words that dozens of train users on the Atlantic axis (Vigo-Pontevedra-Santiago-A Coruña-Ferrol) and the Ourense-A Coruña corridor encountered this weekend thanks to free season tickets. An example was that both Friday and Sunday, the nine trains of the Atlantic axis that left Vigo from one in the afternoon had […]

Goodbye COVID-19? China declares a “new phase” against the pandemic

Jakarta – China is preparing for a “new phase” in its battle against COVID-19. As of Sunday (8/1/2023), China lifted quarantine rules for overseas arrivals and other restrictions. With the start of this ‘new phase’ it means the end of strict zero COVID there. This time, the Chinese government has moved away from “prevention of […]

Highly contagious: How dangerous is the new Omikron XBB.1.5 variant?

Many new infections in the USA XBB.1.5 is a subvariant of Omicron. So far, it has been detected in 29 countries, including Europe. There are no confirmed cases in Germany yet. “The X initially shows that this is a so-called recombination, i.e. two variants have exchanged genes,” explains the Munich virologist Alexander Kekulé. Apparently, XBB.1.5 […]

Germany advises against non-essential travel to China due to covid

ANP extension ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 20:56 Germany and Luxembourg have adjusted travel advice for China. They advise against non-essential travel into the country. The reason is the corona situation in China. The German Foreign Ministry points out that China is facing more infections and more pressure on the health system. Luxembourg follows German advice, the country said […]