Faulty rear-view cameras cause 462,000 Ford cars to be recalled

Ford has recalled 462,000 cars worldwide, due to possible faulty rear-view cameras. Affected vehicles come with 360-degree cameras that display live view footage on a screen console. More than 382,000 affected vehicles are located in the United States. According to a document from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the United States, it contacted […]

(The Coalition) is having a hard time retaking Mosul from (ISIS)

(The Coalition) is having a hard time retaking Mosul from (ISIS) publication date : Wednesday 12:00 2016-2-3 Baghdad – Anatolia – The spokesman of the international coalition led by the United States of America against Isis, Steve Warren, has expressed the expectation that the battle to reconquer the city of Mosul, the center of the […]

Doctors informed him he would be dead within a year. A British cancer patient is making a full recovery from the disease after using a revolutionary new treatment

Al-Marsad newspaper: Doctors in Britain expect a man diagnosed with an aggressive form of bile duct cancer to live a year. And British newspaper ‘The Guardian’ reported on Friday that Robert Glenn, 51, had been completely cured of cancer thanks to a new treatment for this malignant disease known as immunotherapy. The cancer has been […]

Bohdal’s concerns about Krampol: a frightened phone call to the hospital

“He already called me about it Jiřina Bohdalová, who read it somewhere, but it’s nonsense. My bronchial tubes are just blocked. I’ve had a problem with those my whole life and have to be careful with them because anything with them can turn into pneumonia. And what happened last year, I wouldn’t want to relive […]

Rare turtle free in Florida

Before returning to sea, “Harris” was implanted with a satellite transmitter: it carries eggs, the hospital nurses have discovered. Image: dpa Divers had discovered the sea creature on a shipwreck, with a fish lure in its shoulder. Now he could be restored to health. The turtle belongs to an endangered species. ANDAn injured hawksbill sea […]

The Herwen Roman sanctuary turns out to be a gold mine: 80,000 finds

Gelderland broadcast In collaboration with Gelderland broadcast ANNOUNCEMENTS•yesterday, 10.19pm A Roman-era shrine discovered last summer near Zevenaar in Gelderland has turned out to be even more extensive than initially thought. According to archaeologist Eric Norde of the archaeological research agency RAAP, some 80,000 finds were made. The Roman sanctuary was discovered in June in Herwen-Hemeling, […]

OM: recovery much earlier than expected for Guendouzi and Veretout! – Around the OM

After a long and exciting World Cup, Matthew Guendouzi et Jordan Veretout they returned to Paris on Monday evening, taking advantage of the festivities reserved for them on their arrival in the capital. Two Olympians who will therefore be leaving for a well-deserved vacation, even if it should be much shorter than expected. Indeed, if […]

Jiřina Bohdalová’s health is different. The latest news from the hospital

Actress Jiřina Bohdalová (91) was not hospitalized due to a fractured spine. She suffered from pain due to a broken lumbar vertebra, revealed her doctor, Petr Neužil. TV Nova staff managed to find out that the artist is already recovering from health problems at home and preparing for Christmas. However, he has to take care […]