Tech industry layoffs persist at Meta, impacting Facebook Messenger team and Instagram employees

Tech industry layoffs persist at Meta, impacting Facebook Messenger team and Instagram employees

The layoffs in the tech industry don’t seem to stop. The industry is still in bad shape and layoffs are following. At Meta, employees could see this when the company maintained a “year of efficiency” policy. This could mean that the company will continue to make restructuring decisions that would also affect jobs. As part … Read more

Palestinian-American Model Bella Hadid Triumphs Over Lyme Disease: Shares Her Journey and Recovery

Palestinian-American Model Bella Hadid Triumphs Over Lyme Disease: Shares Her Journey and Recovery

In good news, Palestinian-American model Bella Hadid shared with her fans her complete recovery from the autoimmune disorder “Lyme” after a long struggle. In a post she posted on her personal page on Instagram, Hadid said: “I am the little girl who suffered, proud that I did not give up.” Hadid addressed her mother, who … Read more

K396 Train: 105-Hour Journey and Rescues | Xinhua English

Long time map: 105 hours of K396 – Xinhua In recent days, continuous heavy rainfall in North China has caused the K396 train to be trapped on the way. The safety of more than 900 passengers on the train has affected people’s hearts in the past few days. It took 105 hours from when … Read more

A Dialogue between Alaa Mubarak and the Israeli Correspondent, Eddie Cohen…and the concluding remark: “Your father was the apple of our eye.”

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A verbal argument took place between Alaa Mubarak, son of the late Egyptian President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, and Israeli journalist Eddie Cohen. Alaa Mubarak commented on the video of the Israeli demonstrators being sprayed with water, saying: “Eddie Cohen is in a hysterical state, holding the hose, spraying the demonstrators with water. For … Read more

White House spokeswoman gets angry and leaves a conference room after flirting with a reporter • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre refused to answer a reporter’s question about the US-Africa summit and left the conference room after an argument with the reporter. The reporter said, “Can I ask a question about the African-American summit? Karen, why is it difficult to give an opportunity to ask a question about the … Read more

The touching photo of Ronaldo with his little girl, after the loss of his son

| Published on 04/22/2022 at 08:30 — Three days after the tragedy of the loss of their newborn, Ronaldo and his partner Georgina presented their youngest to the world, while thanking those who gave them their support. – Cristiano Ronaldo shared a moving photo on social media on Thursday, three days after the death of … Read more

Clara Luciani: a flashy and touching gala in Rennes, before Nantes this Friday evening

The group is perched on a large tiered podium, the stage draped in cream velvet. Looks flared pants, op-art dress, fitted jackets, high boots… Clara herself, gold pants and mauve shirt made of thousands of metal-plastic discs to reflect the light. His choreography that Claude François would not have denied. And yet that vintage TV … Read more

Passion on the glacier! The loving Nedvěd and the Rolins were playing in the Alps

The majestic Matterhorn Peak (4478 meters above sea level) stared as the eager hands of the Vice President of Turin’s Juventus inevitably caress the body of the Gift, who liked it. Pavel is divorced from his ex-wife Ivana and falls in love. Dara Rolins: I’m celebrating Christmas on stages! The first will be with Matěj … Read more

Balika Vadhu: Jagdis cries thinking about Ganga’s fate, Shiv wants to touch Anandi Shyly

WARTA LOMBOK – Sinopsis Balika Vadhu today Thursday, January 6, 2022, this time Sumitra asked Kalyani to eat, but she refused and just want eat after Jagdish back home, because Shiv and Anandhi has also returned home. At that time Jagdish went home and Kalyani was happy, then Kalyani asked the girl’s condition. Jagdish tells … Read more

NASA Plane Finally Successfully Touched the Sun, Amazing! – NASA made history after its spacecraft managed to touch the sun. Reported from the page, the Parker Solar Probe spacecraft belongs to NASA fly through the Sun’s upper atmosphere, the corona, and sample the particles and magnetic field there. It is known, this historic achievement actually occurred in April 2021. However, NASA … Read more