5 Rare Signs of Brain Tumor – presented by Engteco_style on Tempo.co

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Headache, fainting and vomiting are symptoms brain tumor. But there are other symptoms that may not be widely known, such as hearing voices. Brain tumors have killed more children and adults under 40 than any other type of cancer, according to Brain Tumor Research UK. Here are five uncommon signs of a […]

The Fruit Fly Larva Boasts the Largest Fully Mapped Brain to Date

A complete map of the brain of a fruit fly larva. Credit: Johns Hopkins University. Brains never cease to fascinate us. He can do remarkable things and yet he’s just slime. It irritates us that we still understand very little about brains. It is a typical black box for us. We see the inputs, we […]

‘Vitamin D’ helps prevent dementia… 90% of Koreans lack

Studies have shown that vitamin D lowers the risk of developing dementia. A joint research team from the University of Calgary, Canada, and the University of Exeter, UK Brain Institute followed 12,000 elderly people with high rates of dementia for 10 years. Compared to the control group who did not take vitamin D at all, […]

3 ‘survival tips’ for you who are not prone to drinking

Unwanted drinking parties frequently occur among freshmen entering the new semester or new employees taking their first steps into society. People who are not in the same condition as they used to be or those who are weak in alcohol may be worried and burdened by these drinking parties. For you, pharmacist Oh Jung-seok introduced […]

:: OSEL.CZ :: – Forget electronic chatbots. Organoid intelligences are emerging

And what about Roger Penrose? Pavel Gasperík,2023-03-01 15:50:27 Is there any form of consciousness in these organoids? R. Penrose claims (in more than a year’s works) (something was written about it here as well years ago) that consciousness is not computational. He thinks that consciousness has a quantum origin… And that microtubules are responsible for […]

Little hope for Tom Sizemore, family considers end of life – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, FEBRUARY 28 – The hopes that actor Tom Sizemore, who also loved the role of Sergeant Mike Horvath in Saving Private Ryan, will be able to recover from the serious brain aneurysm that struck him a dozen days ago and his manager Charles Lago, as reported by Variety, announced that the family […]

A molecule that rejuvenates the brain and fights depression

The human body is its own pharmacy, and research continues to prove it. Scientists have discovered that the GDF11 molecule present in the blood allows the regeneration of nerve cells and therefore has a positive effect on depression. GDF11. And if the end of the depression held in five signs? In 2013, researchers discovered that […]