Mild COVID Cases Can Have Lasting Impacts Like ‘Chemo Brain’ – NBC New York

What you should know Just a mild COVID-19 infection can cause “profound” cellular effects in the brain with long-term impact on memory and executive function, according to a new study published Monday. The preliminary study found that people infected with COVID can frequently suffer neurological impacts similar to people who have undergone cancer treatment. The […]

Dogs Cleverness: It Turns Out They Can Discern Human Language – All Pages

Eniko Kubinyi Dogs can distinguish human language. Researchers from the Department of Ethology, Eötvös Loránd University revealed it through their experiments and brain scans.—When brain dog Domestic intelligence is known to be able to understand 89 unique words and phrases produced by humans, they are actually able to distinguish language man. So, it’s not […]

The Best Diet for the Brain According to Research

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Recent studies found diet Best for brain health. This diet includes a person’s daily diet. The study, published in the British Journal of Noutrition, analyzed more than 900 adults who experienced cognitive decline or brain function. The study was conducted for about 3 years. Researchers assessed the eating patterns of each […]

Characteristics of a brain tumor, be aware and recognize the symptoms

loading… The characteristics of a brain tumor can be identified from a variety of signs and symptoms. / Photo: illustration/ nature JAKARTA – Characteristic tumor The brain can be recognized by a number of signs and symptoms. Brain tumor itself is a condition where there is a mass or abnormal cell growth in a person’s […]

5 things you can invest in without money

Many people ask: What do I invest in, what can I do to improve my life if I don’t have enough or almost no money? And the reality, as incredible as it sounds, is that there are things we can invest in and really make a good return, even with virtually zero levs. Investing is […]

Cognitive decline to dementia, here’s why

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – A study identified several factors that determine whether people are more or less likely to develop mild cognitive impairment. These findings may provide clues as to who is more likely to develop dementia. Researchers from Columbia University looked at 2,903 people aged 65 years or older and tracked function brain them for […]