Lady Gaga showed off a figure in a playful bikini

Photo: Lady Gaga The performer showed off her taut forms in an original swimsuit, the top of which is made in the shape of stars. American singer Lady Gaga posted a seductive video on Instagram. The lover of outrageous looks put on an orange bikini with a bodice in the form of stars and […]

Must Know, Joint Pain Sufferers Avoid These 5 Foods – Arthritis or known as joint pain is a condition in which the joints experience chronic inflammation. The condition will cause pain in joints, bones and other parts of the body. Not only by physical activity, joint pain apparently also caused by several foods. Here are some trigger foods joint pain: 1. Gula It’s […]

Alitalia, other trade unions. ‘Bonsai’ company invaluable damage – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, APRIL 10 – “An anonymous airline, of regional dimensions, with an industrial plan with modest objectives imposed by the Directorate-General for Competition of the European Commission would bring Italy back 75 years and that is not to have, within next two years, a national airline “. It is the altolĂ  that comes […]

RHI in Sofia wants to close malls, gyms and restaurants for 14 days

Dancho Penchev Staff: BNT We must approach the analysis we are doing very carefully and propose adequate measures. The situation in the hospitals in Sofia is very serious. Beds have been increased everywhere, but the pressure on hospitals is very serious. This was stated by the director of RHI – Sofia, Dancho Penchev to BNT. […]

Easy to get, these are the benefits of pineapple for health – all pages – Pineapple become one of the fruits that are easily available in Indonesia and have a relatively cheap price. Pineapple often used as raw material for food or consumed directly. Despite the price pineapple relatively cheap, this fruit turns out to have many benefits for health loh. Here are some of the benefits pineapple […]

Often a Choice for Cooking, Vegetable Oil Is Dangerous – All Pages Vegetable oil or cooking oil. – Vegetable oil is often the choice of many people for cooking. This oil is a plant-based oil and does not contain animal fats. Even so, this oil turns out to have a negative effect on it health. Here, the dangers of use vegetable oil or vegetable oil: […]

The Benefits of Healthy Food Consumption for the Elderly, Come See! – How to maintain health is not only regular exercise and aware of every symptom of disease in the body, but also requires consumption healthy food. Especially for the elderly, consumption of healthy food is very important for the life and health of the body as we get older. Eating a healthy diet is […]

Cut it down, these are 5 foods that can reduce body resistance – all pages

Freepik Shampoo using sugar mixed with sugar – At the moment pandemic like this, take care body endurance very important. Body endurance will protect us from the attack of organisms or germs that cause disease. One way to keep body endurance is to pay attention to food intake. It’s good to reduce or avoid […]