Fun, Deaf Children Chat With NASA Astronauts

The event was hosted by local fans from Newbury and the District Amateur Radio Society. “All of you (students) have entertained me, thank you very much,” concluded the astronaut in the last session the questions were answered. “You could say I was excited, although at first I was nervous,” said one student about his experience […]

Preparation for Mission to Mars, Six Astronauts Undertake Training in the Israeli Desert – A astronaut from the European team and Israel wearing space suit holding a ‘quadcopter drone’ during a training mission for planet Mars at a site simulating an offsite station at Ramon Crater, Mitzpe Ramon, Negev Desert, Israel, 10/10/2021. This simulation of astronomy researchers from Austria and the Israel Space Agency is expected to […]

Astronauts Capture Rare Lightning Flashes from Space Station, Here’s What It Looks Like

SAN FRANCISCO, – Beautiful phenomena can sometimes be seen from the International Space Station (ISS). Astronaut ESA and current ISS crew Thomas Pesquet share a view of a subtle blue light emerging over Europe. Temporary luminous events are caused by lightning in the upper atmosphere. This happened in early September and Pesquet tweeted the […]

This Astronaut Is Happy To Eat French Chef’s Cuisine In Space

Jakarta – Food in space is notorious for being bland and just a thick, unappetizing liquid. In fact, there is actually delicious food prepared directly by a French chef. Reporting from DigitalTrends (9/10), most people think food para astronaut in space is not good. Food stocks on the space station are mostly in the form […]

Russia agrees on astronaut flights on Crew Dragon

Photo: NASA Russians will fly on SpaceX ships Moscow advocates the resumption of cross-flights to the ISS on Russian and American ships. Roscosmos and NASA are preparing an agreement on cross-space flights to the ISS. A Russian cosmonaut can fly on an American spacecraft in the fall of 2022. This was stated by the head […]

Yulia Peresild, the First Actress to Glide into Space with the Soyuz MS-19

Russian actress Yulia Peresild, Russian producer Klim Shipenko and veteran Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov of Roscosmos launched on October 5 aboard the Soyuz MS-19 spacecraft from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on a fast-track two-orbit journey to the International Space Station. Peresild and Shipenko will shoot scenes for the film while at the outpost under […]

Spectacular Photo of Earth Covering Aurora, Shot from Space

Jakarta – Astronaut at the International Space Station (ISS) space station you can see cool views of Planet Earth every day. One of the interesting phenomena they saw was aurora. Recently, the European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut, Thomas Pesquet, shared a spectacular photo of the aurora as if it enveloped the Earth, from a point […]

French astronaut shared! Exercise in space

class=”medyanet-inline-adv”> DHA / ISS’nin astronaut French astronaut Thomas Pesquetshared a part of the exercise he did to stay healthy in the space station in a gravity-free environment. “Muscle building, from space,” Pesquet shared with the image. Space exercise,” he said. .

French Astronauts See Bright Lights Beyond the Full Moon

PARIS – A astronaut from France, Thomas Pesquet managed to record a track image light south of the full moon from the International Space Station (ISS). As reported by Unilad, light The name Aurora Australis comes from Latin which means south, green mixed with blue and red. In the video, the light looks brighter than […]