Rumen Radev called for full mobilization and voting (Photos)

President Rumen Radev called for full mobilization and mass voting PHOTOS: Velislav Nikolov President Rumen Radev called for full mobilization and mass voting after he cast his vote in the ballot box. 5 years ago we won because we were motivated. NWe are right, but the elections are won by the organized ones. Therefore, let […]

Lower turnout is expected in Turkey – Elections

November 20, 2021 21:19 1545 6 Lower turnout is expected in Turkey in the second round of the presidential election. A week ago, more than 80,000 people voted in the 2-in-1 election, the highest turnout since 2009. Bulgarians in New Zealand are already voting for president 125 sections were opened for the runoff in Turkey, […]

Luís Filipe Vieira suggested to ‘seduce’ António Costa – Benfica

07:45 Almerindo Duarte, partner of the former president of Benfica, will have asked for help to convince a socialist Luís Filipe Vieira is once again pointed out as being in the middle of several connections that could indict a crime. In the investigation carried out by SIC, the former president of Benfica and accused in […]

Turkey has summoned the Bulgarian ambassador to Ankara

Angel Cholakov The reason is the allegations of interference of our southern neighbor in the 2 in 1 elections Late last night, shortly after 10 pm, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ankara summoned the Ambassador of Bulgaria Angel Cholakov to an emergency meeting. The reason is the allegations of Turkish interference in the presidential […]

Rumen Radev and Anastas Gerdjikov clashed in debate

Presidential candidates Rumen Radev and Anastas Gerdjikov, who run in the run-off on November 21st, clashed in a debate on BNT. The formation of a regular government “From the very first consultations, I urge the parties to find a way to dialogue, we must have a regular government. The price at which it can be […]

Daniel Lorer revealed some of the future ministers – Elections

November 18, 2021 08:29 4169 5 The first step towards a regular office has been taken. We talked to DB, BSP and ITN. All express readiness for negotiations. I feel humility, which sets the tone for constructiveness. This was stated by Daniel Lorer in the BTV studio. According to him, the goal is one – […]

Rumen Radev’s IC responded to Ninova’s accusations – Elections

November 16, 2021 15:38 6403 44 The initiative committee set up Rumen Radev Rumen Georgiev Radev is a Bulgarian military major general from the reserve. Former commander of and Iliana YotovaIliana Malinova Yotova is a Bulgarian politician, 5th Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, for President and Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, […]

“Financial Times”: The Bulgarians gave an unexpected impetus to a new centrist force

The leaders of “We continue the change” Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev embrace late Sunday night, confident that they are the first in the elections. PHOTO: NIKOLAI LITOV “A new centrist party is making a breakthrough in the elections.” With this headline, the British newspaper “Financial Times” published today a report dedicated to the elections […]