OTHER INQUISITIONS: Anecdotes of power: The lawyer of power

Pablo Cabañas Díaz. In June 2013, the lawyer Enrique Fuentes León died an event that would have gone unnoticed but his daughter-in-law, the model Jacqueline Bracamontes made it known. Famous for his unique friendships among them -the disappeared Manuel Muñoz Rocha, among others-, his bribe of half a million dollars, in 1988, to the Supreme […]

First edition Harry Potter yields 66,000 euros | Art & Literature | Showbiz

October 13, 2020 16u37 Source: ANP EPA A rare first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone) yielded £ 60,000 on Tuesday. The first book in JK Rowling’s popular book series went up for auction in Staffordshire, UK. Art & Literature A rare first edition of ‘Harry Potter […]

Whoopi Goldberg confirms that ‘Sister Act 3’ is coming | Film | Showbiz

October 07, 2020 21u03 Source: ANP ANP Kippa Whoopi Goldberg takes on the role of singing nun Deloris again. Film Whoopi Goldberg (64) is going to take on the role of the singing nun Deloris one more time. The actress confirms that a third ‘Sister Act’ film is being worked on. “For a long time […]

Balenciaga literally lifts ‘the hotel crew’ to a higher level | Style | Nina

NINA / Balenciaga Style The corona crisis turned comfort into the new classy. Fashion brand Balenciaga has understood that well. They will soon be releasing a slipper with a heel, so you can look chic and daring even in your ‘hotel lounge’. You know them. Those way too big, white hotel slippers that you take […]

Hotel Group Settles $ 800 Million With Las Vegas Murder Victims | Abroad | News

01 October 2020 05u14 Source: Belga, ANP AFP Crosses with photos of some of the victims of the Los Angeles shooting. Hotel and casino group MGM Resorts has reached a settlement for an amount of 800 million dollars (more than 680 million euros) with the survivors and relatives of the massacre in Las Vegas on […]