Lora Krumova leaves “The Nikolaos Citiridis Show”

Lora Krumova and Nikolaos Citiridis in preparation for the show PHOTO: BTV The show remains for half an hour, but in addition to BTV, it will also be broadcast on digital television platforms. Lora Krumova, former deputy editor-in-chief of the Nikolaos Citiridis Show on BTV, left the show. One of the reasons is the enhanced […]

:: OSEL.CZ :: – Japan crushed the record in data transfer speed with 319 Tb / s

The team of the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) of Japan upgraded existing fiber optic technologies and achieved a dizzying data transfer speed of over 3,000 kilometers. In addition, their approach is compatible with existing infrastructure. Optical fibers. Credit: BigRiz / Wikimedi Commons. Japanese experts have had significant success with new data […]

Sasho Kadiev and Desi Stoyanova are going on summer vacation

The hosts of “Before noon” Sasho Kadiev and Desi Stoyanova get off the screen for a while because they are already on summer vacation. From tomorrow, reruns with the best moments of the show will be broadcast. “We will see each other in the fall with a song, when the 11th season of our favorite […]

Bosch introduces CVT gearbox for electric cars, promising better performance and range

For example, a new gearbox could allow the installation of smaller and cheaper batteries without limiting the range. One of the advantages of electric cars is their simplicity – they have significantly fewer moving components than internal combustion engines. After all, thanks to the specific characteristics of the electric motor, most electric motors use only […]

Abbott Produces Anti-Sick Anti-Covid-19 Test Kits

Merdeka.com – The antigen swab test kit is still one of the most effective ways to stop the transmission of Covid-19. One of them, Abbott produced, was painless. The technique is simple and painless, the use of the Panbio antigen test kit from Abbott has succeeded in increasing the proactive participation of antigens for testing […]

Expert: Vaccination is fading – 24chasa.bg

Dr. Branzalov. STAFF: BNT The pace of vaccination has practically stalled, the reasons are many. This is a fact that does not speak well about what will happen in the next wave of coronavirus, commented Dr. Branzalov in the show “The day begins with Georgi Lyubenov.” “There are no more problems with the logistics of […]

Pregnant Nikol Stankulova crashed

Nicole Stankulova Pregnant Nikol Stankulova crashed this morning on her way to work, Gala announced at the beginning of her show on Nova TV. The collision took place on the Ring Road, but fortunately the weather forecaster was unharmed. “She is fine, but her car is crushed,” Gala explained. .

“I was here”: Actresses Stefania Koleva and Milena Markova with a joint song

“I was here” is the song of Milena Markova and Stefania Koleva. FRAME: YOU WOULD Actresses Stefania Koleva and Milena Markova were guests in the studio of the show “120 minutes”to tell interesting details about their joint song “I was here” – a summer song full of mood. See what happens when the theater meets […]