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The CIS places Alvise Pérez’s party as the sixth force in the European elections: it ties with Junts and surpasses ERC and Bildu

Alvise Pérez on his YouTube channel

The European elections will take place on June 9, almost a month after the Catalan elections and closing the electoral cycle in Spain after the Galician elections in February and the Basque Parliament on April 21.

This Tuesday the Center for Sociological Research (CIS) has published the first preview of results of the study ‘Opinions and attitudes towards the European Union’ in which it also asks respondents which party they would vote for in the elections to the European Parliament, elections in the which chooses deputies who represent the interests of European citizens. If the elections were held today there would be a tie between the PSOE and the PP, in which 19.3% of those interviewed would announce their intention to vote for the Socialists, while 19.2% of those interviewed would vote for the Popular Party.

But the surprise came from the ultra tweeter and communicator Alvise Pérez. The agitator announced that he would run in the European elections on February 22. Now, according to the CIS of Tezanos, “Alvise’s party”, as indicated in the study, would become the sixth most voted force below Podemos.

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This position would be granted by 0.9% of those surveyed, thus tying with Junts, and surpassing parties such as Esquerra Republicana (0.8) or EH Bildu, which this weekend made history in the Basque Parliament elections. by tying in seats with the PNV.

In this way, the PSOE and the PP would technically tie, remaining as the first and second corresponding forces, with 19.3 and 19.2% of the votes. In third place, and with a big difference with respect to the socialists and the popular ones, VOX, the formation led by Santiago Abascal, would enter with 4.7% of the ballots

Voting session in the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. (European Parliament/Philippe Stir)

The fourth and fifth forces would correspond to the left of Yolanda Díaz, Sumar, and that of Ione Belarra, with Podemos, with 2.9% of the votes. The purple formation would obtain a slightly better percentage of the votes, with 2.3%. However, 31.8% still do not know what they would vote for.

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The objective of these elections is to renew the seats of the European Parliament, the only European institution that is renewed at the polls, and which is made up of the different member countries of the European Union. To do this, a total of 720 seats will have to be elected. Germany is the one that will give the most, with a total of 96, followed by France (81), Italy (76) and, in fourth position, Spain (61).

To this end, Alvise Pérez, who has spread disinformation on numerous occasions, announced through his social networks that he would run for election to the European Parliament. “Let’s take out the dirty laundry in the face of all the political and media ilk in our country, using against them the same judicial shield that all of them have used to hide,” he said in the announcement that he shared on Instagram.

Pérez has already been convicted on different occasions for spreading hoaxes. In March 2023, Justice sentenced the former mayor of Madrid Manuela Carmena to pay 5,000 euros for spreading the hoax on Twitter that she had received a respirator at her house during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, something that was false. He has also been sentenced to compensate former minister José Luis Ábalos with 60,000 euros for publishing from his house without consent, or for illegitimate interference with the right to the journalist Ana Pastor’s own image.

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