British surgeon burnt his initials into the liver of patients

Photo: Simon Bremhall accused of ‘professional arrogance’ Nearly nine years later, the British Practitioners Tribunal Service removed Simon Bramhall from practicing medicine. In the UK, transplant doctor Simon Bremhall used a laser to sign the livers of two of his patients during surgery. About it reported Daily Mail edition. According to available information, this […]

Quarantine for all unvaccinated Bulgarians arriving in Italy on December 16

Italy introduces quarantine for non-vaccinated EU arrivals. PHOTO VIOLIN CHRIST Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza has signed an order imposing a mandatory five-day quarantine on 16 December for all unvaccinated EU citizens entering the country. They must also be provided with a negative COVID test in advance. All other EU citizens arriving in Italy with […]

A new Chinese car brand enters the Bulgarian market

Dongfeng Beings 3 The Chinese car manufacturer Dongfeng Motor Corporation is entering the Bulgarian market. A representative of the Asian brand will be Auto Union, which recently signed a contract with Russia’s GAZ and has so far sold brands such as Mazda, Maserati, Fiat and Opel. Dongfeng Motor Corporation’s cars are sold with a 12-year […]

Biden admits mysterious Havana syndrome

US President Joe Biden Photo: Reuters Police in Germany are investigating two cases of Havana Syndrome – attacks with sound weapons, among employees of the US Embassy in Berlin, and because of the increasing number of cases around the world, Joe Biden signed a decree to help victims of mysterious incidents, the New York Times […]

Three models represent the 5th generation of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

In addition to the new generation basic model, a version with more serious equipment and a version for children will be launched. Hirdetés Amazon has updated the Kindle Paperwhite e-book reader series after 3 years, and the 5th generation model will be available in three versions immediately on October 27th. [+] An important change from […]

They’re looking for more than $ 200,000 from Stephen Segal

Stephen Segal PHOTO: instagram U.S. District Judge William Kunz signed an order authorizing the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to recover more than $ 200,000 from actor Steven Segal, Bloomberg reported. According to a commission lawyer, Segal had previously agreed to voluntarily settle fees and pay $ 330,000 in compensation, but made only one payment […]