Montana Becomes First US State to Ban TikTok Entirely

HELENA, Montana — Montana became the first US state to ban TikTok entirely on Wednesday, after Gov. Greg Gianforte signed a measure that is broader than any other state’s attempts to restrict the social media app. . The move is likely to face legal challenges and serve as a testing ground for the TikTok-free country […]

R. Kelly’s Lawyers Appeal His Conviction in New York Sex Crimes Case

R. Kelly is currently serving two sentences of 30 years and 20 years in prison. R. Kelly’s lawyers are asking for a new trial or the outright quashing of the conviction. An unprecedented reversal of the situation is underway in the legal case concerning R. Kelly. The RnB singer’s lawyers have officially lodged an appeal […]

Montana Becomes First US State to Introduce Total Ban on TikTok, Citing Security Concerns

Panorama Chinese app The US state of Montana introduces a total ban on TikTok Status: 06:28 a.m | Reading time: 2 minutes Quelle: Marijan Murat/dpa The Montana House of Representatives has passed legislation banning the Chinese-developed social media app Tiktok. The application is suspected of giving the Chinese Communist Party access to user data. In […]

Isla Baja’s Water Supply This Summer Guaranteed by Improved Taco Mountain Raft

The Taco Mountain reservoir stores water since the beginning of March and guarantees the supply for irrigation during the summer on Isla Baja. It is currently undergoing re-waterproofing work with an investment of 1.7 million euros. This was announced by the president of the Cabildo, Pedro Martín, to the farmers of the region during the […]

Maes Presents Booba with an Octagon!

Maes and Booba in a ring? They will have to come to an agreement. Booba and Maes could move up a gear in their clash. If for the moment, they attack each other on the networks, it could become more concrete. The rapper from Sevran offers an octagon! New episode in the series Le Duc […]

A roller coaster of temperatures will bring heat and cold in the same week

Newsroom/Telecinco newsroom 14/03/2023 09:35h. A roller coaster of temperatures will bring heat and cold in the same week Beaches and parks full, short sleeves, ice cream… We are at the gates of the beginning of spring, but it already seems like summer in many areas of spain. This weekYes, it will be necessary to take […]

Kayna Samet’s betrayal does not pass

The Duca turned on the singer as well as Sinik and Diam’s. Booba has always held a grudge and it hasn’t calmed down in recent years. He who often spoke of loyalty in his sounds ended up falling out with almost all the artists he worked with over the past twenty years. One of the […]

Hamza continues to panic the counters with “Sincerely”

Hamza is number one everywhere with “Sincerely”! The Hamza phenomenon, because that is what it is, does not seem ready to stop. His sales figures were so strong that even Booba allowed himself to reflect on the Belgian rapper. Obviously, this one doesn’t give a damn and his album continues to be a hit as […]

Let’s Save the Mountain announces protest during the Cáceres Spanish Film Festival

patronage The protest on the UEx campus took place before the beginning of a conference called “Projects with territorial anchoring in Extremadura”, to which the regional president, Guillermo Fernández Varaand several prosecutors from companies announcing investments in the region; among them, Ramón Jiménez, the CEO of Extremadura New Energies (ENE) promoter of the Valdeflórez mine […]