In this way you avoid high costs

Almost everyone has it: a checking account. This is where the salary comes in and transfers are made. But that is usually not cheap. Because you have to pay account management fees. These are your alternatives. There are things that are just annoying. This also includes the flat-rate fees that your bank charges you for […]

What does it cost me and how does it work?

The land register entry documents the ownership structure of a property. We explain what the land register actually is, how you can change an entry and what costs you will incur. It’s actually a simple business: an owner sells his property and hands it over to the new owner. But how can an owner prove […]

Health insurance for pensioners (KVdR): All the important information

Even in well-deserved retirement, people with statutory health insurance must continue to pay for statutory health insurance. Whether this is cheaper or more expensive fun depends on the individual circumstances. Once they reach retirement age, many retirees get a shock. The reason: The pension is often smaller than expected due to taxation and health insurance […]

For whom is a change worthwhile?

Single rooms, head physician treatment, short-term appointments: many people find private health insurance to be particularly desirable. But a change is not worthwhile for everyone, as this overview explains. Very few people want to save on their own health. And yet only relatively few patients in Germany benefit from head physician treatments or short-term doctor’s […]

Can I get rid of it?

Being sick and not receiving treatment: What is everyday life in some countries is almost unthinkable in Germany. Because in this country everyone has to have health insurance. Read here what that means. In Germany everyone, whether old, young, employed, self-employed or looking for work, must have health insurance. Depending on your circumstances, you are […]

That will be expensive for consumers

There are many loan offers on the Internet where you have to pay back less money than you take out. What looks tempting has a big catch. It sounds like a dream: you borrow 1,000 euros, but only have to repay 950 euros. So you get 50 euros for free. There are some websites on […]

Annual Percentage Rate: How to Calculate It

If you are looking for a loan, you will come across the APR. We explain what this interest rate means, how it differs from the borrowing rate and whether it is useful as a benchmark. Looking for a cheap loan can be very confusing: Debit interest, nominal interest, APR – yes, what now? We’ll show […]

How does it work? Why is it important?

Since the financial crisis, Germany has written in the Basic Law to curb new debt – the debt brake has been introduced. But how does it even work? The corona virus shakes Germany’s budget. For a long time, the principle of the “black zero” applied, so the state should not spend more than it earns. […]