Petr Janda’s saddest Christmas: DEATH IN THE FAMILY

Rocker Petr Janda (79) is going through difficult times now. And not just him, but his whole family and closest friends. His cousin Luboš Andršt († 73), who was known as a guitarist and composer, died last night. Luboš’s good friend shared sad information on social networks Michal Prokop (75). “My oldest teammate, an amazing […]

Version: Hristo Katsarov killed his girlfriend because she canceled the wedding?

Hristo Katsarov Jealousy or canceled wedding. This may be the reason for the death of Elena Gancheva, who is believed to have been killed by MP candidate Hristo Katsarov. Both versions were launched on the Via Pontica website by friends of the young man. The Dutch website reports about the deceased Bulgarian woman. “A […]

Kostková and Háma from StarDance: Brushing your teeth in a negligee!

“When we play with Aleš Frankie & Johnny, we just don’t look like StarDance,” Tereza described a humorous film with a colleague who didn’t hesitate to catch up with her one evening in a dance competition when Kostková was ruled out by coronavirus for a week. Kostkova’s Fear: Carmen Disrupts Theater After Collapse! And Gott […]

Paul Rudd named sexiest man of 2021

Paul Rudd has been named the sexiest man of 2021 by People magazine. — ©  REUTERS Actor Paul Rudd (52), best known as the superhero Ant-Man and Mike from Friends, has been published by the American magazine People named sexiest man of 2021. That title has been awarded since 1985. Mel Gibson was the first, […]

purp – Make new friends APK

purp is the best place to make new friends from all over the world! Explore new cultures, fill your Snapchat card, streaks, and increase your story views. You asked how ?! It’s easy: 1. Swipe right to ask your new beast for their Snapchat username. 2. be notified when they accept your request, 3. Add […]

James Tyler, actor of “Gunther” in “Friends” Lose his life!

James Tyler, actor of “Gunther” in “Friends” Lose his life! | AP James Tyler, who gave life to “Gunther“, in the phenomenon of television”Friends“, he lost his life last Sunday, after a tough battle against prostate cancer. The actor of “Friends“, James Tyler was known worldwide after his participation in the 10 seasons of the […]