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Russian Actor Gostyukhin’s Family Feud Over Ukraine Support

The famous Russian actor Gostyukhin said that his sister and youngest daughter refused to communicate with him because of his support for the Russian bombing of Ukraine.

Russian actor Vladimir Gostyukhin, who starred in the popular TV series “Truckers,” gave an interview to the Russian Channel One in which he complained about his own sister living in Kharkov. According to him, his sister dared to condemn the shelling of her own city and speak out against Russia – the actor said with indignation that it had become simply impossible to communicate with his sistersince she constantly sends him photographs of the shelling and destruction that the Russian army inflicts on Kharkov.

It is unpleasant and difficult for Gostyukhin to hear the inconvenient truth from his sister, supported by photographs from Ukraine.

Fragments of the interview in his YouTube blog published by journalist Denis Kazansky.

“My sister, I started talking to her, it was simply impossible to talk there at all. She’s in Kharkov, she always sends me some broken ones, this one from Kharkov, this one Putin destroyed, all this stuff, well, some… then there are these photographs of them” – he said.

Moreover, Gostyukhin’s youngest daughter also refused to communicate with him because of Ukraine.

Earlier in the city of Belgorod there was an explosion in a car in which the deputy chairman of the occupation administration of the Kharkov region was traveling.

Author: Mark Voroshilov

2023-11-30 13:21:16

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