The general staff confirmed the release of Kupyansk-Uzlovoy

Photo: The General Staff confirmed for the first time that the Ukrainian Armed Forces entered Kupyansk-Uzlovaya – – It was through the railway station of this village that the Russian invaders transferred their military equipment to the front. The general staff of the Ukrainian armed forces confirmed for the first time the release of […]

Peskov answered the question about the military situation in the Russian Federation

Photo: kremlin-ru Peskov also said they would not announce the mobilization – – Earlier, the media reported that Russian authorities are discussing the possibility of introducing martial law in the country. “No decision has yet been made to introduce martial law in any region,” he said. Peskov also added that so far there are no […]

In the Russian Federation, the head of the draft commission was shot in the military registration and enlistment office – media

The military commissioner was shot six times. Illustrative photo – – Military commissioner Alexander Eliseev was shot six times, is in intensive care in serious condition. In the military registration and enlistment office in Ust-Ilimsk, in the Irkutsk region of the Russian Federation, there was a shooting at the military registration and enlistment office, the […]

Gaidai announced the “bavovna” mass in the Luhansk region

Photo: Sergey Gaidai / Facebook Explosion of a warehouse of Russian attackers in Alchevsk – – The explosions broke out in Alchevsk and in the Svatovsky district, and in Shchastya they set fire to a “polling station”. In the Luhansk region, a mass “bavovna” during a pseudo-referendum, held by Russian aggressors. Speaking of which informed […]

Ukraine calls urgent meeting of UN Security Council due to Russian “pseudo-referend” – AMF

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry notes that the Russian Federation should be held accountable for attempting to change Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders. Ukraine calls urgent meeting of the UN Security Council / photo: The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry says Ukraine is convening an urgent Security Council meeting United Nations. This was announced by the spokesman of […]

Lavrov has again threatened the world with nuclear weapons

Photo: The Russian nuclear doctrine will extend to “new” territories – Lavrov – – The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation once again threatened to use nuclear weapons, answering a question about the fake “referendums” in Ukraine. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that all Russian laws and doctrines, including nuclear power, […]

A powerful explosion thundered again in Melitopol

Photo: RIA MELITOPOL Melitopol captured by the Russian invaders – – The partisan movement is active in the city. In June, the mayor of Melitopol reported that more than 100 Russians had already been eliminated by the Melitopol partisan movement and the cooperation of the special services. The mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, said that […]

Iran has declared neutrality in the war

Photo: IRNA The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry Nasser Kanani – – The Iranian foreign ministry said the country maintains neutrality in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Iran regrets the deterioration of relations with Ukraine due to reports of Iranian drone deliveries to Russia. This was stated by the spokesman of the Foreign […]

The occupiers used chemical weapons in the Kherson region – OK Yug

Photo: Russian military uses chemical weapons in Ukraine – – The invaders used the K-51 chloropicrin grenade. There are no losses or critical states. On September 23, the military of the Russian Federation threw containers with a poisonous substance at the combat positions of the Ukrainian armed forces. Speaking of which in shape Southern […]