Slavi’s last love, or why we are only waiting for the horse

The Magnificent Seven and the Snorkels The screenwriters of Slavi are on their way to submit a notification to the speaker of the parliament that a referendum on a presidential republic is starting. Only the music from The Magnificent Seven is missing to reinforce the heroism of the event. Bullets are whistling around them, in […]

No fatigue, Slavi launched an attack for a presidential republic

The party of Slavi Trifonov – “There is such a people” starts from tomorrow the procedure for holding a national referendum on convening a Grand National Assembly and changing the form of government – from a parliamentary to a presidential republic. This became clear just after a short press release from ITN. Here is what […]

Now Kralovets. The Czech Republic has “annexed” Kaliningrad

The Kaliningrad annexation meme showed how ridiculous Russian pseudo-referendums and illegal annexation from the outside are. Slovak President Zuzana Chaputova said she would consider an official visit to Kralovec, the Russian city of Kaliningrad “annexed” by the Czech Republic. Thus, Chaputova supported the Internet trolling launched by the Czechs after the Russian pseudo-referend and the […]

Referendum in Bulgaria to award …

People wearing Russian bear t-shirts and waving flags with the “Z” symbol and Putin posters: the war in Ukraine did not stop the Bulgarian Russophiles who today gathered near Kalofer to express their support for Russia. Thus began an AFP report from Bulgaria. The Balkan country – a member of the EU and NATO with […]

Preparing Laos: Lavrov made a strange reservation at the UN General Assembly (video)

In his speech to the UN, the Russian foreign minister called the Luhansk region Laos. – On Saturday 24 September, in a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, speaking of a pseudo-referendum in the occupied territories of Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called Laos the first of the regions during the account […]

Gaidai announced the “bavovna” mass in the Luhansk region

Photo: Sergey Gaidai / Facebook Explosion of a warehouse of Russian attackers in Alchevsk – – The explosions broke out in Alchevsk and in the Svatovsky district, and in Shchastya they set fire to a “polling station”. In the Luhansk region, a mass “bavovna” during a pseudo-referendum, held by Russian aggressors. Speaking of which informed […]

“Even accomplices are criminals”. The Ministry of Reintegration of Ukraine named the countries involved in a pseudo-referendum

“The Russian occupying authorities these days are making extraordinary attempts at all costs to hold their pseudo-referendums in the temporarily occupied territories. And they insist that they will be transparent and legitimate. For that, they even called in foreign observers,” the message states. . The Reintegration Ministry stressed that “all relevant departments, including law enforcement” […]

Lavrov has again threatened the world with nuclear weapons

Photo: The Russian nuclear doctrine will extend to “new” territories – Lavrov – – The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation once again threatened to use nuclear weapons, answering a question about the fake “referendums” in Ukraine. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that all Russian laws and doctrines, including nuclear power, […]

Ukraine convenes UN Security Council due to “referendums”

Ukraine calls urgent UN Security Council meeting due to pseudo-referendum in the occupied territories – – In the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, Russia has organized pseudo-referends, which will last from 23 to 27 September. The occupying country must be held accountable for attempts to change Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders contrary to the UN Charter. […]

Russia prepares to introduce martial law – the media

Photo: The Kremlin is discussing the possibility of introducing martial law – – The Kremlin called the plan to introduce martial law “undesirable, but possible” and defined a necessary condition. Russian authorities are discussing the possibility of introducing martial law in the country. The Kremlin will take such a step if Ukrainian troops continue […]