Now Kralovets. The Czech Republic has “annexed” Kaliningrad

The Kaliningrad annexation meme showed how ridiculous Russian pseudo-referendums and illegal annexation from the outside are.

Slovak President Zuzana Chaputova said she would consider an official visit to Kralovec, the Russian city of Kaliningrad “annexed” by the Czech Republic. Thus, Chaputova supported the Internet trolling launched by the Czechs after the Russian pseudo-referend and the announcement of the annexation of four regions of Ukraine. tell the details.

Historical justice in Kaliningrad

On 6 October, Slovak leader Zuzana Chaputova joined the trolling of quasi-referendums on the accession to Russia of four Ukrainian regions, whose territories are temporarily occupied by Russian invaders.

“I can think of a state visit. Or not. Well done to our Czech friends for exposing the absurdity of the fake Russian referendums in Ukraine,” Chaputova wrote on Twitter.

He added a photo with an invitation to visit the “annexed” Kaliningrad, which, by “decision” of 97.9 percent of the population, received the original name Kralovets and was “annexed” to the Czech Republic.

September 27 on the e-petitions website appeared a new proposal inspired by the example of Russia: “a unique opportunity to expand the territory of the Czech Republic and finally gain access to the sea”.

The petition asks the Czech authorities to send troops to Kaliningrad, hold an accession referendum there (with a 98 percent yes), then annex the area and rename Kaliningrad Kralovets. As of 7 October, more than 18,000 people have already signed this petition.

The text of the petition speaks of the restoration of historical justice: Kaliningrad was founded by the Czechs, so it is a legal Czech territory. By the way, this is true.

The Teutonic fortress of Koenigsberg (aka Kralovets in Czech, Krulevets in Polish and Karalyaučius in Lithuanian) on the Kaliningrad site was built and named after the Czech king Premysl Otakar II, who led the Northern Crusades against the pagan tribes of Prussia.

On October 4, the first message was posted on Kralovek’s Twitter account. It says 97.9 percent of Kaliningrad residents voted in favor of reunification with the Czech Republic and the city name Kralovets.

To date, the meme has become the entire universe. Kralovec has its own website where you can see a map of the new Czech region, its airline that flies from Kralovec to Prague and Ostrava, a philharmonic society, a theater and the university named after King Premysl Otakar II (all these, of obviously they are just fake Twitter accounts), Beer Stream-1 and Beer Stream-2.

Guests of the city are also invited to visit the Baltic Sea beaches and the port where the aircraft carrier Karel Gott (named after the famous Czech singer) is preparing for take-off.

The idea with the Czech aircraft carrier received quite real, and not false, international recognition. Therefore, the US Embassy in the Czech Republic in the official Twitter account asked the Czech Ministry of Defense if it needed an aircraft carrier to house the latest required F-35 fighters.

Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic he complains on Twitter who cannot quickly find a maritime border expert and the Czech statistical agency announcedwhich will soon conduct a census of the city’s population.

Meanwhile, the foreign ministers of the Czech Republic and Lithuania exchange pleasantries on the occasion of the “annexation” of Kaliningrad.

The Czech Post has also joined the Russian troll, which has announced plans to issue a postage stamp honoring Kaliningrad’s entry into the Czech Republic, and the Czech Railways have announced schedule changes since December: that’s when a new flight from Prague to Kralovec should be launched.

“Discover the beauty of the Czech Republic! And what to do in Kralovece? Travel tips can be found on the website,” the Czech carrier said in a statement.

Not without another remade scene from the cult film Bunker. Russian ruler Putin, after a series of Russian army retreats in the Kherson region, calls for the fleet to be withdrawn from Kaliningrad to help, and Sergei Shoigu must explain that it was annexed to the Czech Republic:

Czech trolling is actively supported by Poles and not just meme making. Then, one of the Polish groups dedicated an entire song, “praising the power of the sea” of the Czech Republic.

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